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Based on actual events, a plot to assassinate Hitler is unfurled during the height of WWII

In Nazi Germany during World War II, as the tide turned in favor of The Allies, a cadre of senior German officers and politicians desperately plot to topple the Nazi regime before the nation is crushed in a near-inevitable defeat. To this end, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, an Army officer convinced he must save Germany from Hitler, is recruited to mastermind a real plan. To do so, he arranges for the internal emergency measure, Operation: Valkyrie, to be changed to enable his fellows to seize control of Berlin after the assassination of the Fuhrer. However, even as the plan is put into action, a combination of bad luck and human failings conspire on their own to create a tragedy that would prolong the greater one gripping Europe.

If you did not see this movie, do not read further.\


If this movie is really conceived from actual events, then it is no wonder why the Germans lost both WWI and WWII. If the movie is true than it comes down to Colonel Stauffenberg is a huge pussy, because he could have traded his life for the honor of killing Hitler and did not. I do not understand why they even bothered to make this movie. Was it really because Tom Cruise looks like Stauffenberg?

I was hoping to at least learn stuff about Germany near the end of the war for them or about Hitler and his fucked up life. I learned nothing new. In fact, I think I know less thanks to this movie. I have always enjoyed Tom Cruise movies and I love The Usual Suspects. I did not like this very dull WWII movie. Why on earth is like 95% of the major cast members from the UK and not Germany? Are there no German actors with any chops? Where the fuck was any sort of German accent. At least Hans Gruber sounded German. I seriously doubt even fucking Hitler was German. I could not find anything on the man, but it did not look like he is German.

So all these important military and political figures all in on the plan and Tom Stauffenberg Cruise is the main man who come up with and executes the plan? I seriously doubt he was any sort of mastermind. Couldn't Tom put his ego on hold for one movie? At the end of the day, Tom is playing a fool who failed, not a hero simply because he tried. I have family members who tried to kill Hitler too, but you won't see any frigging movies about them. Seriously, I would like to know the point of this movie, because other than to stroke Tom's massive ego and give him a chance to again be in a real movie, I can't figure it out.

Even at the time where the bomb went off there was ZERO suspense. Singer should have consulted with Spielberg about how to build suspense as he is the master of suspense. I did not care about any of the characters. Bottom line, I wanted to like this movie and it sucked.

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