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My comic BLEED

So I've been developing a comic for some time now.

It's called BLEED. It's a horror slasher kind of story told very cinematically.

As it is currently competing on zudacomics.com to become an ongoing published series, I am not contractually able to show the pages themselves anywhere but there for the month. So to see the pages go to:


I'm looking for feedback on the artwork as well as the pacing, and storytelling.

And since it IS competing for votes, ratings, and favourites ALL month to become an ongoing series it wouldn't hurt for me to propose that if you like it and want to see more to please vote for it, rate it, favourite it, even comment on it for support. It needs all the votes it can get.

Here are some images to tickle your fancy! and after the images I'll add some more info on Zuda comics if you're interested in knowing about it.

Thanks everyone for the time, and and feedback you can give me, or especially any votes and ratings. I appreciate it a great deal.


Zudacomics.com was created by DC Comics to find new creator-owned ongoing series by letting readers chose from 10 potentials a month.
The series with the most VOTES, highest RATING, most FAVOURITES, and most PAGE VIEWS is declared the winner at the end of each month.
That comic then becomes an ongoing series and is published on Zudacomics.com and in print.

1. The best way is by VOTING for it! (The vote button is on the Competition Page and on the Comic Information drop-down on the Comic Page itself.) All you gotta do is quickly register and sign in.

2. You can also make it one of your FAVORITES or give it a high RATING. (The favorites button and a five-star rating scale are in the Comic Information section of the Comic Page.) Even VIEWING and COMMENTING helps determine which comic is ultimately number one!

3. You can even download a banner from the Support Page to post on your web page. Nothing helps like bringing in more people to favorite, rate, comment and especially VOTE!
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I think it definetely shows a lot of promise. Really dug your use of the quote. Your "...a monster will do the same." + the page transition did an excellent job of setting the atmosphere.

I felt the beginning, involving the truck driver/stranger was a bit muddled visually, and it was a little hard to tell what was going on.

Gotta say I'm interested to see where you go with it, though.
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Thanks Danger!

I'd love to get it published on Zuda so I can bring you more pages. I've already got about 20 done and ready to! And each page gets better and better. The 8 pages there are nothing compared to what's to come.

Help make it an ongoing series by signing in to VOTE, and RATE 5 STARs, and add to your FAVOURITES! These are what determines the winner at the end of the competition. The winning comic and only the winning comic will continue as a series. BLEED needs a boost in votes to take back first place!

at www.zudacomics.com/node/945

Any and all support is appreciated!


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Vote, Rate, and Favourite BLEED at www.zudacomics.com/node/945


Thanks to anyone who visited this thread and ventured over to Zuda to check out my comic. And thanks twice if you actually signed in to vote, rate, and favourite it!

The competition is still ongoing and BLEED is currently in second place right behind Aeon of the Dead. There's about 9 days left which is plenty of time to find a minute to show your support by voting,rating,and favouriting, and plenty of time to put BLEED back in first place!

Why I think you should vote for BLEED:

I poured my entire heart and soul and dreams and ambitions into this story, it's characters, and the world it takes place in. It means so much to me, and I think the passion shines through vividly in every single detail. It's very much a reflection of everything I am as a person and the influences on my life and my character. I think more passion can be seen in these pages than any of the other competitors. Although there are several I like very much and feel you should also check out, including Angus Frump Kills Christmas and Aeon of the Dead.

There's many surprises and things I know you will love ahead. Every experience of my life has influenced the work as well as my favourite entertainment, from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Murder Ballads album, to teen slasher films and you'll see it all in every detail. It's all in there; my entire soul.

Adam Atherton

A snippet from a page to come which will only be seen in full upon winning the most votes on Zudacomics!

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A Mansonusa member here on Joblo besides me? Exciting (i'm jackiep there BTW)
Anyway, the comic looks awesome.
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Oh hey Jackiep! That IS exciting. lol I'm all over the MansonUSA forum like flies on a shithouse door..
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My comic BLEED

I never read comics, though after browsing this thread, I may give in to one or two. Need to find a good comic book shop too I guess. Where do people buy them in London?

Anyway, would love to see a Wizard of Oz or Alice in wonderland comic.
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I never read comics, though after browsing this thread, I may give in to one or two. Need to find a good comic book shop too I guess. Where do people buy them in London?

Anyway, would love to see a Wizard of Oz or Alice in wonderland comic.
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