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Members With Sig Text?

Sorry for reposting this in here, but site discussion gets little to no response.

How are you getting your siggy text to work? I have noticed many many members including Tweek and Zombievictim, who both have siggies. Yet Jo said there's no siggy option enabled. I am so confused abiut this. Because if you quote anyone who has a siggy, that text won't show up in your quote, which means it is indeed a block of text in the siggy spot. Wtf?

I emailed Jo himself about this and this is what he said. And I quote;

"No need for the confusion, my friend. Believe it or not, those people ADD THE SIGS themselves (in their messages). Iíve noticed 1-2 people doing that here and there, but overall, I donít think any 1 person does it all the time (for example, TWEEK is one of the people with a SIG above, but Iíve seen TONS of messages from here in the forums without the sig). So all that to say, the SIGS are disabled for EVERYONEÖ.but some people like to ADD it themselves via their own post)."

Here are some screenshots I took to show ya'll
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