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So has anybody seen these electronic cigarettes? Its crazy shit, straight out of Blade Runner or somethin'. I used to be casual smoker, but due to some recent stress, I find myself on about a half a pack a day now, and its really starting to hurt my pockets. My friend showed me this one particular brand called blucig. Here's a video of a guy doing a tutorial of how they work here...

Basically, its like a vaporizer, except for tobacco. There's nothing smoking or burning, so there's no tar, so the only real health effect would be the nicotine, which is no worse for you than caffeine is in large doses. Wild shit. Anyway, I'd been planning to place my order for months now, but right as I was, the site has halted shipping due to overwhelming demand, so I guess I gotta wait 'til the 25th. Once I get it, I'll definitely be on to review for any fellow smokers here who may be interested...
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That doesn't seem...safe?
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Not sure. I have heard about it but do not know anyone who uses it. I overheard someone saying you could use it on pot to get high without lighting up. Do not know if that is true?
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If Lindsay Lohan's father promotes it, it must be okay.
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Originally Posted by BlownCamaro View Post
I overheard someone saying you could use it on pot to get high without lighting up. Do not know if that is true?
The vaporizers used for weed are very different. The e-cigs are designed specifically for the liquid nicotine cartriges (you can find a breakdown of the ingrediants on the wiki link in my OP).

But Hell, I'm sure some fucking guy's gonna come up with a hack for the e-cig so you can chief erb or "liquid THC" haha

Oh, and Linday Lohan's dad can eat a dick.

Actually, I have no idea who Lohan's dad is, but I can imagine he's probably a douchebag, so fuck him anyway.

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NYC seeks ban on e-cigarettes in public places

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I love NYC, but its becoming Nazi occupied France up there these days, so as a young, black male smoker, there's no fucking way I could live there.
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I've seen a lot of stupid studies where they put these through more rigorous tests than normal use. Some studies have a machine to puff on the thing upside down and even when the unit had no liquid in it and was dry burning. Frying chicken can be bad for you if you do it in a 5 x 5 room with no ventilation. But how many people are doing that? Also most of these things are made in China so the big tobacco companies do not want them here.
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So... I guess I don't have a problem with these things, but...

People who "vape" seem to think that since it is not a cigarette, then it's just cool to do it anywhere, and that rubs people the wrong way. Instead of letting E-cigs ease in to the mainstream, they slammed their foot on the gas and said "Come at me bro - it's just water vapor!"

It's still a new thing, and it's weird to most people. E-cig users should have treated them the same as cigarettes and just been happy that they can smoke without stinking up the place. Gradually, it probably would have become more accepted.
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You know what rubs people the wrong way? When people complain all the time and want to play mommy and daddy. Enough already. Smoking is socially unacceptable therefore simulated smoking is socially unacceptable. It's not about health and safety, it's about busy body bureaucrats abusing their power to force conformity. I'd just rather people's peers tell them that instead of their government. If a restaurant wants to advertise ecig smoking areas, no-ecigs or designated ecig smoking areas then that's their choice.
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