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The Unborn

I'm watching the Unborn...????? Did i have too many Long Island Ice Tea????? David S. Goyer????? WHY? Grant you Cam Gigandet is really hot looking ( no offense to my straight friends) but common... i need another drink to get through it.

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I'm getting so sick of PG-13 ghost stories that relies too much on boo scares and this was just really boring and bland and mostly badly acted. The exorcism scene is pretty freaky and provides a couple of badly needed jolts but it's too little too late and isn't nowhere near enough to save this dreadful, dreary godawful piece of shit of a movie. One of the worst movies of 2009!

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I second the motion

I'm sure that the writing gig paid for a faster car.....when John Kander and Fred Ebb wrote Money,Money for cabaret and said: Money makes the world go round..... they weren't kidding....and that was 27 years ago.
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