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(Inspired by BankaiZaraki's "Thunderstorms" thread)

I'm not sure what direction I'd like this thread to go as it's partially a rant and partially my thoughts on the topic but... My first thought, why are people so fucking hung up over it? Making small talk about it, bitching about it, moving because of it. It is that big of a fucking deal?! It rains; pack an umbrella. It snows; get out your shovel. It's hot; wear some fucking shorts. It's cold; wear a fucking coat. It's nature, it's a part of life... how often are most people outside in a given day? I mean, yes it directly and physically effects us but at some point shouldn't people just learn to look outside, assess the conditions, and just shrug??? For the people who talk about it most (aka old folks), how is it a continuing issue for them?
But on another note (borderline hypocritical), I love weather. That is, I like experiencing different seasons, different temperatures, different storms; makes life a little bit more exciting... Makes me feel like I'm living on the planet Earth. The problem is, I live in Arizona--have my whole life. Which has two problems:
a) It's a state entirely comprised of people from other places who made small talk about the weather, bitched about it, and moved to Arizona. So, day to day, I live amongst people who (must be genetically wired to talk about the weather) converse over the difference between 100 degrees and 102 degrees.
b) We only have two seasons; hot and nice... with a few monsoons thrown in sometimes.

Now, I also lived in South Dakota for two years, which is how I took notice of people and their relationship to weather. But I loved it. And yes, I loved the cold and the snow... Didn't bother me.
So to come full circle, after college I don't plan on coming back to Arizona (except for holidays, birthdays, or deaths). There's many reasons for this but one of them happens to be this qualm I have with weather. So when that happens I will become someone who talked about the weather, bitched about it, and moved because of it...

Anyways, what do you think about the weather?
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Hey, where in Arizona are you located? I am literally moving out to AZ(Phoenix area) in less than a week and I cant wait! Easily my favorite state.

And yeah there are so many transplants in Arizona (guilty as charged) so a lot of the people there are amazed at how consistent and awesome the weather is.
It would be quite boring to be the weather man in Phoenix.

I am not gonna lie I fucking HATE the weather in the Midwest. After living in Illinois and Indiana for most of my life, I am so glad I dont have to deal with snow, ice storms or blizzards ever again.
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Originally Posted by echo_bravo View Post
Hey, where in Arizona are you located? I am literally moving out to AZ(Phoenix area) in less than a week and I cant wait! Easily my favorite state.
I live in Tucson at the moment for school (University of Arizona) but my "home" is in the out-skirt suburb cities of Phoenix; Gilbert/Chandler area.

But good luck! I do have the reputation amongst my friends to give Arizona a bad rap but it is a cool, fun place.
I just romanticize over things like age, history, and culture... and Arizona is the antithesis of those things.
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Theres a news station near me that brags about themselves as "YOUR SEVERE WEATHER STATION". Weather always comes first over news with them. Also, any threatening cloud in the sky is referred to as a doomsday device and they break into whatever program may be on (seriously, there are no boundaries to what they will interrupt) to tell all of us viewers to stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye because the storm is going to kill us all.

I used to be fascinated by weather as a child. Now it annoys me, mainly because of crap like that. It cant ever just rain anymore, it has to STORM.
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Eh, I'm not a fan of how it's been lately 'round here. I want the rain back, damn it. I hate 80 degree weather.
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I grew up in Las Vegas, which meant brutal summers and okay winters. Now that I'm out in Austin, it's the same fucking thing. They don't get winter, just cold fronts. I'm ready to move somewhere that has a good autumn season, because it's my favorite season of the year.
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