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Sammy Terry dead?!

According to wikipedia, Bob Carter, aka Sammy Terry, died Oct 17th at age 80 in Indianapolis. I'm still trying to track down something in their local news to confirm this. His website did have him canceling recent events due to health reasons.

Sammy Terry was a local late night creature feature host that I probably watched from age 5 until my early teens.

here's some links to Sammy
Wiki page for Sammy

Official Page
fan page

some youtube clips
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I had no idea of who this guy was. Sad, nontheless.

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I spoke with a guy over at a Sammy Terry message board who said that the Wikipedia entry was false and that he was not dead. It had been reported that he was canceling some recent appearances due to health issues. So at the moment, it looks like he's still with us!
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About Sammy Terry ;;;;>

Hi new here,

I recently heard rumors of Bob Carters' Passing away- aka- Sammy Terry host of Horror Shows::>Well,I myself at first could not believe he was gone...how sad-But,I have heard this on tv a few times being announced he passed away & my boyfriend heard it on the radio coming home from work.So I am sure it is true.

He will be deeply missed by all the people including me he scared the poo out of as a child growing up.We miss you Sammy!!!! <3love<3
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