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Kevin Greutert's Saw VI

Saw VI (2009)

It's Halloween again, so you know what that means. That's right, another entry in one of the most worthless franchises ever created. The "Saw" series continues its tradition of gratuitous mutilations and dismemberments with it's latest entry, "Saw VI." Can you believe it's already gotten this far? As I mentioned last year with "Saw V," as long as these dirt-cheap films keep making money, then the studio will just keep rolling them off the assembly line, despite a complete lack of quality.

Picking up right where "Saw V" left off, Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) is still continuing Jigsaw's (Tobin Bell) work by setting up traps where people have to make difficult decisions where life and death hang in the balance. This time around, he sets up an insurance agent, William (Peter Outerbridge). William has to make his way through four grueling tests in order to survive. Jigsaw's wife, Jill (Betsy Russell), is also brought back into the picture as she goes through the contents of the mysterious box left to her by her late husband, contents that turn out to be instructions for the game being played out by William. Meanwhile, Hoffman must be extra careful as the police may be closing in on him.

"Saw VI" further derails the series long after it left the tracks by continuing to prolong a story that lost steam ages ago, and by ages ago, I mean after the first film. Admittedly, the first "Saw" film was a decent flick. It had originality, gruesome as it was, with an ending that made my jaw drop in the theater. So no surprise that I was interested in the sequel, only to be vastly disappointed with the result.

That's the feeling I've been left with each year as these films continue. The only reason to continue watching is just to see how much more ludicrous the stories can possibly get. It's like watching that derailed train crash and burn or some other terrible-sounding metaphor that leaves you aghast at the tragedy you just witnessed.

Like its predecessors, "Saw VI" forcefully finds ways to squeeze Jigsaw back into the story line, but his scenes in this film add absolutely nothing to it. The main excuse for this is probably just to include Tobin Bell because people apparently like him as the serial killer from the first three films (I'm pretty sure it was the third film he died in, but since the films are carbon copies of each other, it's hard to remember). Again, it doesn't matter to the studios how ludicrous and pointless his addition is to the film as long as they make money.

Also like the previous entries, this film continues the tradition of terrible performances, particularly from Peter Outerbridge as William. It certainly doesn't help that most of the "performing" done in the film is people screaming for their lives, and very unconvincingly I might add. This could be another reason that these films keep bringing Tobin Bell back, he's the most convincing of the bunch, and even he's not that good, which tells you a little something about the rest of the cast.

The whole film leads up to its supposed twist at the end, which just happens to be incredibly predictable from the first ten minutes of the movie. It basically lays it all out for you that early on without spelling it out for you directly, making it far to easy to guess what the big conclusion will be. It's strange that they would make it this easy to figure out as these films usually hinge on a big finish in their traditional montage fashion.

Then again, even though we know the ending, it's more than likely that, for the sequel, the writers will continue the formula of [insert character's name here] isn't really dead and will pop back up in the next film to test new victims or be tested themselves. Fortunately, this film underperformed at the box office. Perhaps that will send a signal to the studio that it's time to cease production. It's strange that a few people have been saying that this entry is a step in the right direction for the franchise. The only right step this franchise could take would be to end. 0/4 stars.
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