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A new series on FX starting next year...

Plot: At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. At the center of it all is suave master spy Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), whose less-than-masculine code name is "Duchess." Archer works with his domineering mother Malory (Jessica Waler), who also is his boss. He also has to deal with his ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) and her new boyfriend, ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), as well as Malory's lovesick secretary, Cheryl (Judy Greer).

Written by: Adam Reed (Frisky Dingo, Sealab: 2021, Space Ghost)

H. Jon Benjamin (lots of voice work including Home Movies, Family Guy, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development)
Chris Parnell (SNL, 30 Rock)
Aisha Tyler (Google her. I'm sure you'll recognize her gorgeousness)
Judy Greer (Kitty Sanchez from Arrested Development)

Begins: Jan. 14th

TV Spot:

The promos for this have been hilarious. I always chuckle to myself, no matter how many times I may have seen them.

Anyone else interested?

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