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Amanda Bynes has decided to grow up. And I Approve!


I'd show her "What a Girl Wants."


Now if she will show us "All That"


I'd like to show her my "Big Fat Liar"


"Hair" is not the only thing she makes "spray"


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I was wondering what the hell has happen to her since she's practically done nothing for about 3 years or so. That photo is great, but is incredibly airbrushed and barely looks like her. It looks like she's another casualty of crappy plastic surgery which is shame since she used to be naturally pretty. Damn plastic surgery, I still can't forgive what it has done to Nikki Cox.

Amanda 2005

Amanda 2009

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I've always thought she was hot, I'd tear into her...
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Did anyone watch The Cinderella Story staring Hilary Duff? Amanda Bynes looks like the wicked stepmother.
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Originally Posted by adamjohnson View Post
it's funny you post this picture... cuz isnt she banging Seth McFarlane??

I was an extra in Sydney White, she seemed really nice, stopped and took pictures with the people that asked. And as in all the pics, she looked insanely attractive in person. I hope she doesnt become a hollywood cliche!
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It's about time she posed for some pics showing some skin
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