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The "SUP DUDE" Thread

Welcome to the official JB-MFC "Sup Dude" thread. What is this topic all about? Plain and simple. You can discuss any and everything not pertaining specifically to the rest of the forum. Had a bad day at work, then vent your anger in here. Bought a new car, then show us and tell us all about your new pony in here. Don't know what brand of contraception to purchase, then blurt it out in here. Birthdays, comings and goings etc etc can all be discussed in here.

If the staff feel that this thread is not healthy for the boards, then please let me know. All I ask is that you'll give it a chance, thanks. I have seen these kind of topics go as high as 5000 posts (good posts) on other big forums. Spam and bullshit can be removed easily, plus they have their place. In essence, this is like a Joblo daily diary. Why make a separate topic for each and every thing, when you can post in here each and every day.

Once again, this topic has almost infinite possibilities. Think of it like the "What did you watch today" thread. Except it's not movies n stuff. Anyways, Let's rock!

Worked today, as I do each and every Saturday. Loads of cool shit came in today at the shop, including a new popcorn machine. A good one. Now I have fresh and cheap popcorn to go with my movies. Got a 1125 bottle of original Midori given to me. You know, the green melon liquor shit? Lol. I'll drink it.

This Thursday my preorder for God Of War 3 is in so I can pick it up. Can't fuckin' wait! I guess I will pull an all-nighter with this game. I hear it's about 9 hours long on medium settings. The end of this trilogy :-(

Been watching James A Michener's Centennial (26 hrs) all week. Remember that awesome tv mini-series show? 1979 it was released.

Making a few gifs for members who have been waiting like forever. Sorry, guys. I have been slack as shit.
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I'm going to close the thread because we can't allow an "anything goes" type thread. I'll make a new thread explaining why because I've seen a lot of these threads pop up.


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Closed Thread


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