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Movies of the Month Elimination Game

This game is about listing all the movies of the month (in order) and it's a simple elimination! Then go to the next month and when we finish the months, and when we finish a year, the movies that won each month will go head to head! I'll start with 2008 because if I did 2010, a lot of people may of not seen the movies. Also I won't do EVERY SINGLE movie that came out the month, just most of them. So anyways, lets start! (I looked and I couldn't find a thread that was doing this already. If you found one and I accidentaly did the same thing, don't freak out on me. Just tell me and close the thread.)

EDIT: Please only vote once a day.

January 2008
One Missed Call - 10
The Bucket List - 10
First Sunday - 10
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale - 10
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - 10
27 Dresses - 10
Cassandras Dream - 10
Cloverfield - 10
Mad Money - 10
Taxi to the Dark Side - 10
Teeth - 10
U23D - 10
How She Move - 10
Meet the Spartans - 9
Rambo - 11
Untraceable - 10

-Meet the Spartans

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