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The Humo(u)r/Joke/Stand-Up/General Comedy Thread

We've started discussions on comedians before, but I think it'd be great to have a thread concerning comedians and our styles of humor that didn't start out with "Your Top Five..." or something like that.

As a general comedy thread, this also doesn't just evolve around comedians, but you as well. What kind of sense of humor do you have? Are you the kind of person that makes the room crack or are the kind that cracks halfway through a failed attempt at making a funny (like me).

I just would like to kick off the thread by showing a little love for a comedians comedian: Mr. Billy Connolly.

Sure, he's a part time actor and whatnot, but he really shines during his stand-up. What's the source of his genius? Barely any preparation. He always goes off-the-cuff and has done so for decades. The format of his comedy usually follows the "story" form, but he goes off on tangents all the time. He's probably most known for being able to break away from a story half-way through, go off on a tangent and tell another story(ies) for an hour or longer, and then go back to the original story and continue it from the exact point he left off. As Connolly has said, sometimes he doesn't get back to finishing stories or jokes for years.
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His HBO comedy show was one of the funniest stand up I have ever seen. A real treat.

"My eyes were burning."




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I've been listening to Daniel Tosh's True Stories I Made Up and Mitch Hedberg's Mitch All Together and Do You Believe in Gosh? often.

A clip from True Stories I Made Up:

Daylight Savings Time

From Do You Believe In Gosh?
Fast food, carrot juice, and bite-sized canteloupe

My personal sense of humor? I try to crack stupid jokes in order to make people groan. It always gives me amusement. Sometimes I'll make people laugh intentionally! That's always a shocker.

EDIT: A comedy trio I enjoy is Stella. They are Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain (drool). They started off with bizarre short films that led to a show I never watched which led to a sitcom that shouldn't have been cancelled. They do standup comedy too. I had a chance to go to one of their shows locally but did not.

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Ever since I heard Daniel Tosh several years ago, I never looked back. No comedian has made me laugh as much as him. I've listened to True Stories I Made Up at least 100 times. And it absolutely never gets old.
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Originally Posted by zombievictim View Post
Ever since I heard Daniel Tosh several years ago, I never looked back. No comedian has made me laugh as much as him. I've listened to True Stories I Made Up at least 100 times. And it absolutely never gets old.
I'm listening to it again. It's not old for me yet.
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I'm a HUGE stand-up comedy fan, extensive list of favorites.

Patton Oswalt is probably my current personal favorite (alive, mind you. Carlin will always be GOD), followed closely by Lewis Black, and then possibly Louis C.K....

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My favourite comedians (in no particular order):

Mitch Hedburg
George Carlin
Lewis Black
Rowan Atkinson
Bill Hicks
Dave Chappelle
Louis C.K.
Steven Wright
David Cross
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I love good stand-up comedy. It's one of the most purest forms of storytelling. A good joke doesn't cost anything except time and wit.

Smiert hit the nose on the money with Patton Oswalt. I'm a huge fan of him. I was lucky enough to see him perform at this very small club that's a hole in the wall. This was after Ratatouille mind you, so I felt lucky to see him for only $5. But he killed the entire room and it was one of those times where I couldn't stop laughing. This was when he was still perfecting "gray drapes" and "rape stove."

The man in my avatar is not only one of my favorite comedians, but a personal hero of mine: Bill Hicks. The man really elevated stand-up from a form of telling jokes to actually discussing subjects most comedians would never dare to touch. He would literally make you laugh and also really think about what he said. His material wasn't about the punchline but about making you think about his ideas long after the punchline was over. I know a lot of people think he's not really funny and that he rants too much, but I'd rather hear his observations than a stupid sound effect joke from a mediocre guy like Dane Cook.

Going to your question about my sense of humor, I'd say I'm into dark comedy, taboo subjects and generally finding witty shit to say. I'm good at going with the flow of a room. I don't try to ever think of funny things to say, but it just happens naturally depending on the conversation or the kind of people I'm around. I made a crack about some person's weird furniture being designed by David Lynch the other day and I probably wouldn't have said it if I'd been in a room with cousins but the people were of a different breed, so it was the right thing to say.

I generally dislike really obvious jokes like dick and fart jokes. They're so safe and easy that I tend to ignore them unless there's a good twist to the standard.

Oh, and another comedian I really dig that I think is highly underrated and always stereotyped as "annoying" because of his voice is Gilbert Gottfried. The man has told some hysterical jokes such as one involving a bank teller and a guy who wants to open a fucking back account. Unfortunately, Gilbert's voice and persona has overshadowed his genius. But he delivers solid jokes and hasn't been given his due outside of the circle of good comedians.
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I probably don't listen to stand-up as much as some of you, so I'm not as well-versed, but from what I have heard, Jim Gaffigan makes me laugh more than anyone.
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Demetri Martin is definetely my favorite comedian working, as his deadpan delivery is most similar to my own sense of humor, so I can relate. I've always been the "funny guy" within my circle of friends, though I've never felt it's because I say shit that's even remotely funny, but just because I can say it with a straight face.

Louis C.K. is another personal fav of mine, though I don't have any children, so I can't really relate. I just generally agree with his perspective on the world. It's fucking stupid.
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Originally Posted by Bukkake View Post
My favourite comedians (in no particular order):

Mitch Hedburg
George Carlin
Lewis Black
Rowan Atkinson
Bill Hicks
Dave Chappelle
Louis C.K.
Steven Wright
David Cross
Great list. I also like:

- Demetri Martin
- Bill Burr
- Dave Attell
- Jerry Seinfeld
- Eddie Izzard
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I've seen him mentioned here and I agree- Eddie Izzard is fantastic.

His humor is little bit of everything, but it's mostly intellectual observation mixed in with pop culture and that's what makes his work so much fun. I own all his DVDs/CDs and it's interesting to see that he (mostly) has a structure to his performances. Glorious, for instance, used the Bible as the basis for his comedy and he works his way through Old Testament, New Testament, etc. Dressed to Kill, though, is probably my favorite. He's also a great actor, as he has displayed in films like Valkyrie and TV shows like The Riches.

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I'm a big fan of satire and irreverent anti-establishment type humour.

My all-time favourite comedian is probably Peter Cook. His work just cannot be topped...

Peter Cook - The Miner

Derek & Clive (not for the easily offended)

Derek & Clive 2

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling

I love my comedy blacker than black...a la Chris Morris' Jam series (a compilation of trippy sketches covering taboos such as abortion, death, anal rape, gang rape and more)...

Did you give the world some love today?

Frankie Boyle is pretty hilarious.

Gay joke

Bad taste hilarity

Other favourites...

Harry Hill!!!
Richard Pryor
Demetri Martin
Daniel Kitson
Bill Hicks
George Carlin
Steven Wright
Dave Chapelle
Billy Connolly
Alexei Sayle
Dave Gorman
Sarah Silverman
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Just saw Christian Finnegan's stand-up special on Comedy Central. It was pretty hilarious throughtout....

For those who don't know who he is, he was the token white guy on the Chappelle Show "Mad Real World" sketch.. :cD

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Between Two Ferns---Zach Galifianakis ........HILarious

(Added)--------Richard Jeni

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Saw a special with Drew Hastings recently. Really funny man. Nothing terribly new or revolutionary, but he has some excellent delivery.
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Louis C.K. is probably my favorite living comedian, everytime I watch one of his specials my face hurts from laughing so hard.

Mitch Hedberg was a genius.

Norm MacDonald is extremely underappreciated, he is probably the greatest talk show guest of all time, look up his appearances on Conan on youtube.

Patton Oswalt is amazing, second favorite after Louis CK.

STELLA is hilarious in all of its forms, also watch The Michael Showalter Showalter on collegehumor.

Of course Dave Chappelle.

I love Jim Gaffigan.

I just recently started listening to Daniel Tosh and watching his show, he is really funny.
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So in light of the recent release of Bobcat Goldthwait's latest directorial outing, World's Greatest Dad, I went and downloaded his last comedy album, I Don't Mean To Insult You, But You Look Like Bobcat Goldthwait, and its fuckin' hi-larious. Highly recommend.
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Jack Dee is King.
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Originally Posted by SchizoidManiac View Post
Between Two Ferns---Zach Galifianakis ........HILarious
I'd like to reiterate how awesome this shit is.
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Old 09-08-2009, 10:11 PM

If you're a woman and you fall over wearing heels, it's embarrassing. But if you're a bloke and your fall over wearing heels, then you have to kill yourself. End of your life, quite difficult!

There is no other.
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Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
Jack Dee is King.
i love jack his dead pan expressions make him even funnier,always looks like the world is about to cave in on his head.
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I just caught the special of this guy Jake Johannsen called "I Love You" a couple mins ago. This guy's been around for awhile now (since the 80's, I believe), but he manages to always look drastically different in each of his appearances, which lends itself to making him seemingly forgettable. I also don't believe he'd ever had his own full, one hour special until now, not to mention uncensored. Anyway, it was fucking hilarious and I laughed my ass off. Mark him down as "underrated," for sure...

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One name: Jim Jeffries.
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Go to google and type 'Google Chuck Norris' and push the 'I'm feeling lucky' button and see what happens !
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I saw a stand up show last night with Patton Oswalt headlining, he was hilarious as always but the other 3 comedians before him were really good too. first was Blaine Capatch who was pretty funny, then was Karen Kilgariff who was VERY funny and I dont usually like women comedians, then was Eddie Pippitone who I have heard of before and he was really funny too.
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One stand up routine that I have watched at least 5 times is the vicious circle. Dane Cook is simply off the charts hilarious in that, and has me pissing my pants every time I watch it. He does others that are funny, but nowhere near that caliber of funny. I know I probably will get flamed for saying I like Dane Cook. Oh well, bring it on if you must.
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I find it hilarious that your love for Dane Cook killed this thread. For what it's worth, I like the guy too, and don't really understand the hate. If he doesn't make you laugh, that's cool, but he packs any place they put him in, so somebody's definitely laughing. Anywho, Dave Chappelle is great, Mitch Hedburg was the shit, and Bill Burr would be more successful if he was a black guy, and I say that only because his topics/delivery are similar to the "Chappelle strain".
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Bill Burr is mad underrated...
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Originally Posted by Smiert Spionam View Post
Bill Burr is mad underrated...
Ah-fucking-men. One thing I love about him is when he does new shows or specials, he makes it a point to NEVER recycle old material. "Well, what the fuck? I wanted some fucking COOKIES!"

Tonight I just watched "Comedy Central Presents" for a guy named Mo Mandel. Fucking histerical. Seriously, check it out. He reminds of Cliff from 'Dead Man On Campus,' with the way he presents himself and his maneurisms. He's gonna go places I feel.

Brian Scolaro is a pretty funny guy, too. His CCP show was pretty cool.

Another comedian who literally puts me tears is Dov Davidoff. Download his cd, watch his special on CCP. It's fucking wild. He's got a one-hour special on Comedy Central coming May 1st. I'll be on my couch watching it, beer in hand, new pair of pants nearby (for when I piss my pants in laughter).

I've actually tried a bit of stand-up myself at the bar I worked at. We had an open mic every Wednesday, and I attempted my offensive, brash, vulgar, not memorized comedy routine. The point of my routine was to get the crowd involved and literally wing it. I had some topics floating in my head the entire time, and I would literally just talk about them in a comedic way. I don't know if it was my delivery (which I'll admit, sucked...probably since it was improv some of the time) or the fact that I was doing it at a steak house/sports bar (yeah, weird), but needless to say, it didn't go so well. People didn't pay attention most of the time, a lot of jokes fell flat, and while some people really got into the jokes others got highly offended. Apparently, talking about how the boogeyman hasn't been around for a while probably because he was found touching and/or fucking kids and was sent to some sort of prison is offensive. It was either that or my abortion/McDonald's bit. Hmmm...
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