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Old 05-17-2010, 04:47 PM
Chris Cunningham, Direct a fucking feature film already!

It's no secret: the heyday of the music video is over. High-quality music videos, which prevailed in the 90's and up until the middle of the 2000's, are DEAD. Even Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry agree and look back on the golden days with melancholic longing. These days, high-concept, no-budget music videos can go viral on YouTube in an instant: music television has never been more irrelevant than it has been since YouTube showed up on the scene.

All the directors that characterized the golden heyday of the music video have since moved on to other things. Spike Jonze has already made 3 feature films and a number of shorts. Gondry almost exclusively makes features now - I can't even REMEMBER the last time he made a significant music video. Probably The White Stripes' "The Denial Twist" back in 2007, I believe. Jonathan Glazer and Mark Romanek also already have a number of films under their belt. Hell, even the distant, early-day directors like Anton Corbijn, Floria Sigismondi and Samuel Bayer, all of whom have been around for quite a while on the music video scene, have recently made the move to feature films. Their 80's contemporary, David Fincher, saw the death of the art form coming from MILES away, apparently, and turned to feature film directing almost a decade before others like Jonze and Gondry followed suit.

And yet, one music video director, and probably one of if not the most distinguished of them all, has been holding out on us. That man is none other than Chris Cunningham who, surprisingly enough, seems to have the most cinematic vision out of all of his more low-tech contemporaries like Jonze or Gondry, who have still managed to find their niche in feature filmmaking. I can't even REMEMBER the last time Cunningham actually released a music video - he seems to have devoted all his time the past 10 years to work on video installations and other strange personal projects like the unexplainable Rubber Johnny, and pays the bills with pretty-looking but meaningless commercial work. So why on god's green FUCKING earth does he not give us what we all want: A fucked-up feature film, showcasing the best and most sickeningly beautiful of his creative vision? Is he afraid that his style is so twisted, it can only be taken in 3-minute doses and nobody would ever manage to last an entire film?

I mean, can anyone say, with all honesty, that the man who is behind THESE visuals has nothing to offer the world cinematically? What gives, Chris? Direct a feature film already! Stop wasting your talent!

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