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What are your comic collection gems?

I was looking through my comics the other day, haven't bought issues in years now though i pick up some trades, and i remembered that when i first started collecting about 15 years ago i sort of set out a couple goals since there was just soo much out there.

Now i pretty much gravitated towards Spider Man and Marvel in general. I have 1500+ issues with proabaly 60% of that being from the 4 core Spider Man titles, Amazing, Spectacular, Web of and Spider Man.

1. Venom's First Apperence (Amazing #300) - got it

2. All of Venom's main appearecnes in Amazing (vaious issues between 300-390's) - got it **Edit: Almost forgot that all of these issue are also signed by artist Mark Bagely who drew them **

3. Complete Maximum Carnage saga - got it
4. Complete Secret Wars saga - got it (even issue 8 )
5. Mark Bagely's complete run on Amazing - almost (missing less then 10 issues all in the early 400's)
6. Complete runs of Venom's various limited series - almost (missing 6 issues form the 60+ issue run)
7. As close to complete runs of the 4 core Spider Man titles:
- Amazing: 260+ issues of i think 600+ now (have 300-400 straight)
- Spectacular: about 60 issues short the 250ish run (have a solid chunk of about 75 or so issues)
- Web of: 12 issues short of the 120ish run (if i wasn't missing a could issues early in the run i'd have somehting like 100 straight issues)
- Spider Man: missing 6 issues prior to the reboot in the late 90's (first 54 straight issues)

That's all i can think of atm. As you can see i'm a big Spidey fan. I have lost sof other stuff as well. Got a good amount of Fantastic 4 and lots of the current titles issues from about 2001 - 2006.

What do you guys/gals have to be proud of in your comic collections?

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