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MARVEL UNIVERSE - Afro-Superheroes

What an amazing fictional Universe Marvel Comics has created over these many decades, for the printed page initially. Growing up in the 1970's buying comics, mainly between the years of 1972-1978. I gravitated towards Marvel Comics monthly titles more so than the D.C. title runs. Marvel just had so much more variety to offer the reader & fans of comic art IMO. Monsters! Superheroes! Super Villains! Characters from ancient mythology! and Cosmic Beings! of every known race on Earth and beyond the boundaries of Earth. One rather small racial representation of the Superhero and Super Villain,were the African American and Afro-International characters. However few,they were awesome characters! Like streetwise ex-con w/steel hard skin due to an accident, "Luke Cage, Power Man"! From the pages of Marvel's "Jungle Action" the "Wakandan Prince", "T'Challa" aka "The Black Panther"! Again, from the pages of a Marvel Comics long running series title, "Strange Tales"-"Jericho Drumm" and brother "Daniel" (who's spirit embodied Jericho) aka "Brother Voodoo"! Another saw action in the Marvel title-"Captain America" "Cap's" buddy who shared the title with him-"Sam Wilson" aka the high flying "Falcon"! w/ his pet falcon "Red Wing". These were the primary Black Superheroes in the Marvel Universe from my era of comic buying circa 1972-'78. A number of others followed over the decades to come. -"Blade The Vampire Slayer" from Marvel Comics awesome title "Tomb Of Dracula" series wasn't exactly a "superhero" but could pass under that title I suppose? In the 80's a Black woman "Monica Rambeau" aka "Captain Marvel" from "The Avengers",she later had a name change to "Photon". Others from the 70's-through 1990's were "Black Goliath"-"The X-Men's" powerful female heroine "Storm" and "Tony Stark's" buddy "James Rhodey" aka "War Machine". Two thumbs up! for the Black Superheroes! some of the coolest ever, from the Marvel Universe!
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