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Other E-Reader Lovers?

I have a Sony E-Reader, and it's quite possibly the best money I've ever spent. I love it! Wondering if there are others who have made the switch?
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I have a Kindle, but it's more for necessity of space-saving than as a preference.

I still love books more, but I move a lot and go to smaller and smaller places. Plus, the added weight of books is taxing on the price of a move.

So I have my more favorite books on Kindle, and buy new books on it 80% of the time. But a real book is much more awesome.
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Interesting POV. My E-Reader has pretty much taken over regular books for me. There are some I'll buy because I want them - things that mean something special to me, fave titles, etc - but for the most part, the E-Reader (her name is Magenta, thank you very much ) is my love.
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I made a more in-depth statement on my likes/dislikes on this thread:

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- Want to reach those high places?
I once had to get a pot out from a high shelf that was pushed way in the back. I stepped on my Kindle in hopes of having more height to get to it; but it failed me. I had to get a few books to stand on instead.

I literally LOL'd at this. That rocks.
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