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Retail stories

Anybody work retail before and want to share stories about your job?

I've been out of retail for 6 years now, but I still think about that job and the crap I had to put up with everyday. Every once in awhile there would be high point, but the job was 98% pure shit.

Some of the high points though:

I worked at Kroger (a grocery store) as a cashier. One night, around 11:30p.m. a guy and an extremely hot woman came through and purchased 3 items: chocolate syrup, condoms.....and lube. The girl wouldn't even make eye contact with me but the guy had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. It was all I could do to not reach over and high five him.

Also, late one night, we were really slow and I had been moved up to a FES by then (Front End Supervisor aka the person in charge of the cashiers/baggers). It was time to send someone home early, but both cashiers had no seniority and had come to work at the same time that day, so it was hard to choose. After pondering it for a second, my idea to send them home was for the 3 of us to grab one of the motorized wheelchair carts and race them around the cashier stands. First person to win got to go home early. So I hop on one, one cashier hops on the other, the 3rd cashier finishes checking out our lone customer and hops on the 3rd and I count off "3, 2, 1: GO!" We head off at about 2mph, slamming the carts into each other like its a Ben-Hur chariot race, knock over a couple display stands of random crap and eventually, about 3 minutes later thanks to how fast they were, finish the race. The cashier who won got to go home earlier for the night, as was my word. Best part was, some employees working in other departments heard us and came over to watch, cheering us on and congratulating the girl who won.

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Everyone always talks about what a nightmare it is to work retail, and I'm sure it is if you're doing it long-term, but I absolutely loved my summer working as a video store clerk in between my freshman and sophomore years of college. It was almost like a movie - everyone was around my age, it was a block from the beach, and we had a clueless boss so we did whatever we wanted. I never stressed work - I knew I was just getting paid to hang out and watch movies. It was great... probably the best summer I've ever had.
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I agree with Shaw. Seeing films like Clerks make retail look like a living hell. I worked at a Blockbuster for two years before it closed and honestly, it was cool. Yeah, some dumb customers but I enjoyed it.

As for a funny story, some woman came in and asked for a good film, I asked her what genre she was into and she asked me what a genre was.
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Blockbuster was the only positive retail experience I've ever had, and that's probably why I stayed their so long (my entire senior year of high school). It was a franchise store too, so it was very, very laid back.

When I was living in Orlando and going to community college, I got a job at the Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney. What a fucking nightmare. I swear, it was like working for the Galactic Empire, and everyone hated me because I was the nicest Storm Trooper there. Everyone on staff were a bunch of douches and cunts (today we would call them hipsters).

The only person I liked was this cute redheaded girl because she was really optimistic and lighthearted, but everyone talked about her behind her back because they couldn't stand her "cheery attitude." She was the nicest person I knew in Orlando at the time without being a phony and these assholes couldn't stop ripping her every time she wasn't around.

My most frustrating experience was when I was written up for excessively being late/early to punch-in for work. But here's why that's bullshit: the digital read-out of the time, and everybody knows this, on the timeclock changes every day and was never in-synch with real time. Which is why I would ALWAYS show up 5-10 minutes early and swiped in. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, and it was fucking impossible to keep up with and became really arbitrary after a while to continue worrying about it. I showed up exactly when I was supposed to and left exactly when I was supposed to, according to mine and everybody's watches, and I just stopped caring if the time clock was one day 5 minutes late or 5 minutes early etc. etc. Soon enough they thought it amounted to too much and said "they had no choice but to write me up."

Fuck THAT. But hey I did get to check out Henry Rollins at my register because I was the only employee that wasn't drooling all over him, so that was cool.

That was the last time I ever worked retail. I found out that I was moving back to my beloved Palm Beach, had my friend called me in as dead/dying, and I left that bitch and started down the path of my career. You can also bet your ass I did a little song-and-dance when I found out that Virgin Megastore was going out of business.
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I did work at a supermarket as a cashier it was around a exclusive area and you would get all sorts of people walking through to police buying food to australian celebs
It was always interesting and of cause you had your low points when you would get people coing in angry but you didnt take much notice of that
Also you would get people paying money by check and the people you would catch doing this was really amusing
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