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The Fighter, My Review.

I just came back from the theater and had to write a review, first and foremost, GREAT MOVIE.

It's not just a boxing movie, the reason it was so good is because it focused on everything else. You see what goes on behind the fight, the drama of family and the build up to the actual event.

Christian Bale was tremendous, literally stole the show in every scene. He continues to impress as he moves from extremes like Batman and Public Enemies, to this. He has best supporting actor hands down in my opinion. Mark Wahlberg does a good job, it seemed like this role was made for him, it just fit his character and style well, but he didn't really steal the show. That being said he was very serviceable and played the part convincingly. Amy Adams, who plays Ward's girlfriend, sheds her romantic comedy side and plays a gritty, no-holds-barred tough chick, very nice to see. Melissa Leo, who plays Ward's mother, was scary good. She had me all kinds of angry at her throughout the film, just tons of emotions aimed at her simply from the depiction of her character, great acting job, can't ask for more.

The movie was very well done, had you on edge, just waiting to see what happened next. The fights were very well shot, had me clenching my hands together, it was that intense.

Go see this, you won't regret it.

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