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Bert Blyleven is not a hall of famer. He is not even close. It is just sad just, because he is well liked and people or himself petitioned for him or hiimself for years until he got the votes.

The guy had 250 losses and not 300 win despite pitching for 22 years.
He won 20 games once and he lost 17 that year too in 1973.
I watched him play, he was not feared. He was a #3 at best.
So he had a lot of strikeouts.
Just look at his numbers and tell me those are the numbers of a hall of famer.

If he gets in, so should Schilling, Pettitte, Mussina and a host of others.

I was also super surprised that Yogi Bera did not get in on the first ballot. The man was not only the best catcher of his generation, he was compared to many hitting catchers on a regular basis until the 2000's.

Look at his numbers.

15 time All Star when it meant something.
3 time MVP and this is when Pitchers did not have the Cy Young, so it was harder to win then.
He was also second MVP twice, third once and 4th once. And he did play with Mickey Mantle. So for 7 years, he was considered to be one of the best playing.

10 World Series.

What the fuck were those people thinking????? No way Bert gets in if these people were still voting.
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