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I'm picky to the point that i'd rather always eat the things i know i already like then try new things and risk being disappointed. Srsly the amount of times something has been recomended to me as good only to put it in my mouth and have to fight off gagging and hurling makes me shy away from trying new things.

The most recent things was Thia Coccanut Soup, or at least i think my firend said it was Thia. That shit is disgusting and the 10 mintues of "oh come on just try it, it's good" will never change that fact scared for life man.... scared for life

Steak and potatos is where its at sucka!

I always find the disappointments make the steak and potatoes taste so much better. It isn't like I'll never eat again. Still though, I feel ya. There's nothing like the regret of a bad meal, though I find in that spectrum it usually comes from just picking a bad place to eat out.
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I just bought a Mountain Dew Voltage 20 oz. filled with Pepsi. I thought it was a Pitch Black since the soda was dark and then I didn't notice the label said Voltage still I started drinking it and it tasted funny. I mean, it was sealed and everything. It even had a freakin' yellow Pepsi code cap. Freakin' weird.
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