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Bad Habits?


This should be a bit of en eye-opener for some. Please share with us some of your bad habits. Or the bad habits of those you have observed.
It could be a family member, partner, friend, work-mate etc etc. Below are a couple of what I consider bad habits of mine. Be fore-warned.

1. Jerking off daily to pr0n on the net.
2. Picking my nose and wiping it under my chair.
3. Throwing food in public eating areas at my buddies.
4. Going for a crap, and not wiping my arse properly.
5. Eating baked beans while I drink beer.
6. Perving at women's thongs peeking out.
7. Leaving all my rubbish in friends cars.
8. Renting dvds and ripping/copying them all.
9. Eating corn chips and soft drink for breakfast.
10. Chatting up my boss regularly. She's hot!@

[actually i only do 3,6,7 lol]
Now you...

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