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Double- standards. i.e, particularly when someone makes hateful and rude comments to someone else, and then others reading/seeing the comments/bullying, no one seems to have a problem with that. Never a problem until someone fires back and "calls the person out" who made the hateful comments. Then suddenly the person who has called them out are the ones who have to take the heat. I've noticed this a lot on forums, social networking sites etc.

Something I won't lose sleep over, but it's really rather annoying imo.
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Does anyone ever run into this one and it burns their grits?

What about when you are approaching an intersection, and someone triggers the light to make a turn, but decides they don't want to wait for the light. The light is still triggered though, and now you have to wait for it to cycle before you go, and you are sitting there watching absolutely no one going through the intersection while Mr. Too Important to Wait is on his merry way.

It's hard to explain, exactly, but I'm sure people know what I'm talking about.
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the heat. i don't like extreme heat. i would rather deal with cold
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Originally Posted by athf1980 View Post
the heat. i don't like extreme heat. i would rather deal with cold
Well yeah, you live in South Dakota where you need 3 extra layers of flesh to survive most of the year. I'm traveling through there later this month, and with things heating up came to the realization of how I might need to get fans for the backseat.
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