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Just Go With It release

I'm a pretty big fan of Adam Sandler across the board. I'd say that Just Go with it is my fav film of his since 50 First Dates (which is tied with Happy Gilmore for my favorite).

Sandler films tend to be very strong when it comes to supporting characters. Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston make for excellent eye candy and are both pretty hilarious in the film. The kids are hysterical - full of hilarious quotes. And my favorite character of all is by far "Dolph Lundgren" played by Nick Swardson. I hope he uses more of Swardson in future films.

Awesome clip of Swardson in the film: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1372281163487

Came out on Blu-ray like a week ago

What'd you guys think?
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