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Harry Potter 7.2 early review (repost)

Finally, the long-awaited movie of the year has come! You know how excited I am all this time to see it, and yes, i've seen it. Was it any good? You'll be surprised. (Wow! First time to do a review right after watching the movie!, I'm actually still here at G4! lol no more proof reading, i'll post it right away, fresh from the kitchen)

The final installment of the movie was no doubt, certified EPIC.


As a genuine Potter fan, it came quite disappointing.

Since this is an early review of the movie, i'll keep things straight to the point without touching any of the details..

It was actually OVERHYPED, with all the "IT ALL ENDS" promotions. Reading the book twice, I was looking forward to some of the important details that will really break my heart to its core. But alas, the first 30-50mins of the movie was VERY MUCH RUSHED. The Kiss, the Deaths, (the announcement of the baby wasn't even given importance), the sequence was changed, but it kind of worked its way to the end. It was long but it was still entertaining, with all the cool effects and great cinematography. But still, the best VFX goes to TRANSFORMERS3. Hands down.

Yes, I was a bit disappointed with it, even with the ending, as if it was just another episode. It was epic but not THAT MUCH I WAS EXPECTING.

Good thing they gave my fave character GREAT SCREEN TIME. (Yes, i'm talking about Neville Longbottom).

It came short. It was great, but not the greatest.

The emotional attachment to the last installment was blurring my criticisms, but in the end it was just cool.

I'll be seeing this movie again in IMAX 3D soon, so I might change my opinion on this. But at this moment, i'll head home, smiling and sighing at the same time.

I was expecting to get teary-eyed but got myself together. That was also quite disappointing.

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