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I'll say this now, I love Very informative news, mostly nice members, and just an overall great community. I really wish I could say this about Now, I go there for horror news but the forums are ridiculous, particularly the members.

I was going through some stuff on my computer and deleting some things where I found a note that was a couple old e-mail addresses of mine, so out of curiosity, I just checked the e-mails and one of which was emailed from Bloody Disgusting with its newsletters and stuff.

A lot of bad memories came from the forums. I left Bloody Disgusting last February but I have a lot of bad memories. When I was newbie, my posts were mocked, my threads were being deleted, and a lot of the members were just flat out assholes. One in particular, I think his name was menaycing or something like that, I just remember he was always the smart ass of the group.

The rant mainly consists of the members on Bloody Disgusting, I'm not saying all members but a lot of them just felt like they were superior to you. I made a thread about my hatred about The Lost Boys 2 and I had people saying "It's not Lost Boys 2, it's Lost Boys: The Tribe" and "Just post this in the Lost Boys forum" followed by an animation of a smiley face rolling its eyes. I know I'm not describing it very well but trust me when I say that I don't regret leaving Bloody-Disgusting.
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