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Montreal 1st Comic-Con

I worked so i couldn't attend but here is some pictures from the event ... courtesy of my friends. Looked fun and pro event , dunno if it's gonna comeback next year but Stan Lee and Adam West were present this time around. Not sure if this is gonna be a yearly tradition but ppl i know who attended only have good comments.

damn it ... facebook links dont work ... all i can say is that i saw the best Masterchief costume ever. Working on it! Joblo deserves the best pics.
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ok ... update ... seems my friends did go but didnt go inside. Frakking thing was sold out for the past month. I did manage to grab some pic around the net.

Hawt Supergirl!

Harley Quinn FTW!

Star Wars represent!

Fat Spiderman VS Venom!

ah well .... better luck next year for me i suppose.

Well , it was the first year so it's not as big as the US counterpart for sure .... but its got potential according to the ppl that went.

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pics sent to me from facebook are better ... i just cant link them.

The super big feedback i get from ppl is that is was more a cosplay-con than a comic-con
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find some more pix

2nd prize Masterchief

Best Masterchief costume EVER on the right!

Before the entrance pix

too bad i cant link personnal pix from Facebook ... got 100s of those. The Satine Sparks lookalike in a R2D2 tank top posing with an 8 yo fully dressed in RotJ Scout costume is prolly my fav. Makes me wish i was 8 yo !
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