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Rank The Friday The 13th Series

One of my favorite series besides Phantasm and one that has a special place for me since it was among the very first that got me into Horror and made me a fan. Rank all twelve of the movies in your order of preference, including Freddy Vs. Jason and the 2009 reboot. My list goes:

Jason Lives
The Final Chapter
Part 2
The New Blood
A New Beginning
Part 3
Part 1
Jason Takes Manhattan
Jason Goes To Hell
Freddy Vs. Jason
Jason X

The Final Chapter and Jason Lives are both extremely close for first place but Jason Lives ultimately wins out based on sentimental value for me, as it was the first I ever saw and I still love it today. But with the strong exceptions of Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason I honestly enjoy them all, even Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes To Hell to some extent, which are just silly fun.
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