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What's everyone being for Halloween?

So, the greatest holiday of the year is only 2 months away. If you are like me, you have been thinking about and planning your Halloween season ever since August began. I personally like to make my own costumes, some of my more notable ones have been the Macho Man, David Lee Roth, and last year I created a werewolf suit that took me the entire month of October to make. I usually dress up as a character from a comedy film or a icon of pop culture, but lately I've been craving the Halloween spirit and wanting to be some kind of horror icon. This year I think I'm going to make my own Freddy Krueger costume. I know it's a daunting task, but the big part of the costume is the burn makeup and the glove. The glove seems simple enough to make, but the facial makeup is going to be rough. Does anyone have any experience/tips on creating some quality Freddy skin? Anyone started their costumes yet?
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Love decorating for Halloween! My house was even in local paper for being the scariest! Kids last year dressed up as Riff-Raff and Magenta. Riff-Raff was all bought at thrift stores & Magenta was store-bought. I usually dress up as Mike Myers with bloody machete and hand out the candy, however most parents won't let their younger kids come up to the door! Play movie horror themed CD and use a fog machine. Yeah I really love Halloween! Thought about having kids go as the Twin Towers but thought that would piss off a lot of ppl. Good luck on your Freddy costume, can't help you with the rest. I'm only good at bloody zombies and vampire makeup. Hate when my kids want that sissy stuff, they're girls!
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That creepy guy who is watching August Underground on his front lawn.
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I can't wait! Now that my boyfriend and I have a house, I want to throw my first-ever Halloween party. I've already started working on the soundtrack for the night. Last year the theme for our costumes was "Outdated" and we wore tacky old clothes we found at Goodwill and such. This year I'm trying to convince him that we should dress as Louis and Janine from Ghostbusters.
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Originally Posted by Evil Ed View Post
Does anyone have any experience/tips on creating some quality Freddy skin?
Set your face on fire.
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I have a desire to be one of the Cobra-Kai guys from Karate Kid. But I haven't done any Halloween themed events, in a while. Most revolve around drunken parties and such, and I don't bother with that anymore.
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I don't think I'm going to dress up this year, but I do have a Halloween party to go to on the Saturday before Halloween. I think it's two days before, right? Anyways, it's a Halloween birthday party
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I love Halloween, always have. Having three young daughters though makes dressing up a little bit of a challenge. My youngest still gets creeped out over the scarier stuff so I'm thinking of dressing all of us up as characters from Spongebob Squarepants.
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Sooo, i kinda wanna be Zombie Amy Winehouse for Halloween, think it's too soon?
i wanna have bloody tattoos and cool dead makeup, i think it'll be fun!
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Captain Spaulding if Spirit Halloween ever decides to ship my suit.
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My costume selection is usually made by something I've seen and purchased at Value Village. Last year I saw this cute dress and got the idea to make a pull string like one of those Chatty Cathy dolls. This year I have a couple on the go, whatever one gets completed I'll wear. Right now I'm torn between Lara Croft and a murdered Crystal Lake camp counsellor.

Here's last years:

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I'm gonna be super lazy and just get a cape with a white shirt and be Dracula. Except, I'll be watching horror movies on my front lawn so I might be Dracula with a jacket.
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If plans come off, I think I'm going to be Meatloaf. I'm a heavy guy, and I gos the fancy white shirt allready (Don't ask why) so all I need are some braces and a long brown wig.
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