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Deep Red by Argento - TERRIBLE

WOW, is all i can say. i've read and heard nothing but hype and great things about this. if this is his best, then maybe argento isn't that great? perhaps he isn't my cup of tea? possibly, its something too outdated (can't be in my case though as I am a huge fan of old school 70s/80s horror if I can say so myself)...

bottom line though, good LORD this sucked...AWFUL...i can't get over how bad this was and how great praise it gets...literally in shock at how awful it is...

no this isn't a detailed, solid review, just a rant... this has to be one of the biggest letdowns for me in a verrrry long time. and i can draw no other conclusion other then I find Argento to be a huge letdown in himself. I've watched this, Suspiria and Mother of Tears. All have some great imagery and scenery...but none lived even remotely close up to the expectations and hype (okay, mother of tears didn't have much hype, but suspiria and deep red sure did).

Demons 1 & 2 may be his only work I can dig on high level, if any level at all. I repeatedly kept asking myself 'this is deep red?' non-stop.

atleast i only paid $4.99 for it used...i was tempted two weeks ago to blind buy it for $14.99, went back to the same store and it was there used second time around for $10 less so I instantly snagged it.

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