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The DC Comics Relaunch thread

I've always considered myself a Marvel guy personally. I read Batman from a young age though, and the DC Universe always intrigued me.

Now that they've rebooted the company-wide line of comics back to #1, I've found myself reading and pulling more DC books than Marvel now.

The best of the DCnU (DC New Universe), so far:

Batman (Scott Snyder, writer, Greg Capullo, artist)

No surprise here that Batman would be the top of the heap for me. While many other DC titles jettisoned their continuity, Batman's stories of the last few years still remain intact (Batman RIP, Batman Inc., etc). Snyder is building a nice little conspiracy against Batman and Bruce Wayne, and Capullo's art crackles with a nice edgy energy that the character hasn't really had in some time. Win win.

Action Comics: Superman (Grant Morrison, writer, Rags Morales, artist).

I used to follow Superman around the "Reign Of The Supermen" story way back in the day, but usually I find Superman as a character rather boring to read about or watch. Thanks to Grant Morrison, the character seems fresh and reinvigorated. Action Comics is one of the line that takes place some five years past where the rest of the company action is happening (like the current Justice League comic), and shows a young Clark Kent coming up in Metropolis and gaining the attention of Lex Luthor and the military. Superman has been depowered a bit for this iteration and we see him pretty roughed up in the 2nd issue. A really promising start.

Justice League: Dark (Peter Milligan, writer).

It was also decided that certain Vertigo characters like Constantine would be subsumed back into the company-wide continuity, which brings us to JL: Dark. I don't know what the hell's happening in the first issue yet, but it managed to be intriguing and creepy, and since Zatanna is on this team, this makes it a must-pull for me. Also, Milligan has written some nicely trippy comics in the past, so I'm liking the first issue (2nd comes out like next week).

Wonder Woman (Brian Azzarello, writer, Cliff Chiang, artist).

If there's ever a comic character I've never read and never thought about reading, it's Wonder Woman. Consider me hooked now--this new WW is slightly darker take, and like a horror tale mixed with a Greek mythology story. Mix with some strong visuals by Chiang and I have yet another book on my pull list.

The Flash (Francis Manupul, writer, artist).

Too early to tell if this is going to be a mainstay on my pull list, but this new Flash issue boasted incredibly strong visuals and layout by Manupul, even if the story is slightly forgettable in the first issue. I'll buy it for the art alone, but will have to drop it if the story doesn't pick up.

Batwoman (JH Williams III, writer, artist).

Probably the strongest art of the whole line-wide relaunch, Williams' Batwoman is another book that mixes extremely bold design and layout with supernatural story elements. I'm a bit lost as I've never read a Batwoman comic before, but two issues in and I'm hooked. The art is vibrant and basically radiates off the page.

Animal Man (Jeff Lemire, writer, Travel Foreman, artist).

Not sure what to make of this series yet, but had read Morrison's Animal Man in the past and enjoyed it, and took a chance on this new series. Creepy art (and the best you'll read by an artist with the first name of Travel), and a somewhat intriguing story linking the powers of A-Man with a force of nature called "The Red", which links him with Swamp Thing, who's power is given by something called "The Green".

Honorable mentions:

Peter J Tomasi's writing on Batman & Robin helps distinguish it from the 3 other Bat-titles by focusing on the relationship between Bruce Wayne and his somewhat troubled son and new Robin, Damien. I wasn't really blown away by issue #1, but #2 lays some good groundwork for things to come.

Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee is like that quarter pounder and fries you know you shouldn't eat if you could find a healthier option, but it satisfies that craving for junk just the same. Justice League is rebooted and damn near like an Image comic from the 90's. While I found #1 very light on story, #2 has a really nice battle between Batman, Green Lantern and Flash against a super pissed-off Superman. Lee's visual's stun, but don't innovate. Johns' story is doling out just enough info to keep me interested, but I'm not sure I'll continue to pull this.

Catwoman, likewise, isn't winning over a lot of fans for its "fan-fiction"-esque portrayal of Catwoman and Batman getting it on, very graphicly, at the end of the first issue. But something about this new Catwoman book by Judd Winick has me intrigued--there's lots of T & A, blood, violence. Many are put off by how much characterization is jettisoned by this relaunch, but it's good for newbs like me, even though I know the story's slightly crap. At least the art by Gulliem March is nicely crisp and detailed.

Batgirl by writer Gail Simone sounded interesting--Simone takes Barbara Gordon, who has been wheelchair-bound since the late 80's after being gunned down by the Joker, and puts her back in the Batgirl costume. How this is possible hasn't been explained yet, but meanwhile Batgirl is busy fighting a villain called the Mirror, with a literal kill list with Barbara and her father Commissioner Gordon's names on it. The first two issues haven't really grabbed me, but it seems like there is some kind of potential here.

Is anyone else checking out the DCnU?

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