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Rank the Saw Series

Like it or not, the Saw series was likely the most prolific horror franchise of the past decade. Beginning with the original in 2004 and leading up to the Final Chapter last year, each new October brought us a new entry in this hyper violent franchise. I never quite realized the attachment I had to it until I missed not having a new entry this year, even if I felt like the series wrapped up fairly well. What I liked best about this series was not the violence, however, but rather the evolving mysteries, particularly in the later films.

How would you all rank this series? I know it has both its fans and its haters. I personally would call myself a fan, and even though there are a few I don't think are particularly good I still like watching them.

1. Saw - A-
2. Saw 6 - B+
3. Saw 2 - B+
4. Saw 7 - B
5. Saw 3 - B-
6. Saw 4 - C
7. Saw 5 - C-
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