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blu-ray player question about 24 and 60 hz

Hey what is the different between 1080p/24 and 1080p/60...does it even matter. i have tried both just out curiosity to see the difference. i don't see it. Do i need a train eye. what is better
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The simple answer is "no, you won't be likely to see a difference."

I a longer explanation:

Moveis are 99% of the time filmed at 24 frames per second.
Televisions in America have always broadcast shows at 29.97 frames per second. In Europe, it's 25fps.
That means movies are actually a little longer in runtime to the theatrical release because of the added frames.

Now, there are a TON of exceptions and other factors that go with this shorter explanation, but....

Blu-rays display movies at the proper 24fps in their most natural state. LCD television (in USA) displays video at 60hz, or a derivitive therof, such as 120hz/240hz. In order to properly display the 24 frames per second smoothly, it needs to find a way to add a frame between those 24 to make it play at 30 frames/60 frames or 120 frames per second.

60Hz is essentialy the TV refreshing the screen 60 times per second.

Plamsa TVs can display "true" 24fps, and so can projectors and DLP TVs. It's LCD/LED (same thing) TVs that can't.

Either way, most people don't see any difference.

With that "smoothMotion/MotionPlus" or whatever name companies call their version on LCD TVs, it adds roughly 5 frames into every single frame to make the movie play "smoother", but many ahte the way it looks. Others love it, and some can't tell a difference at all.
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thanks for your help
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another question.

on some movies. when it goes to the movie or special feature. i lose signal for one second but the video comes back and it runs nicely. is these normal or is something faulty
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