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Dolph Lundgren interview in EW

Dolph Lundgren had nice interview in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. I couldn't find the text on EW's site, but someone posted scans of the article on an Expendables fan site. It's a pretty cool spread and worth the read.

Check it out: link
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I read it the other day... real good article. I always knew that he was an insanely smart dude, I had no idea that he had worked with NASA in developing things for the shuttle.

And the story about the robbers breaking into his house is epic. But I had never heard that the robbers had actually tied up his family while they were rummaging through the house. Good thing he wasn't home, he would be in jail for killing them (Although, I dont know what the laws are in Sweden where the attempted Robbery took place)
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Originally Posted by SkyNet View Post
(Although, I dont know what the laws are in Sweden where the attempted Robbery took place)
It took place in Spain at the Lundgrens home in Marbella (where Sean Connery used to live).
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Dolph sounds like the real deal with both brains and brawn, yet I'll be remembering him for being an underused and misused actor mostly relegated to fighting for scraps. Kinda tragic as it stands. He needs an "Unforgiven".
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I read the article in EW and thought he was a fascinating guy. He knows his limitations and his strengths, and strives to be more and learn what he can. Seemed like a really cool guy.
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In the Name of the King 2, Dolph, really?

Seriously underused actor. I mean, he may not be that versatile, but the dude's got skills.
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Haha, sick guy.
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Don't mess with He-man.
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