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The scariest horror movie jump scenes of all time

What are the scariest/most startling scenes you've ever seen in a horror movie?

Anytime the lights flicker/when the devil is revealed - Devil
When Henry appears to stab Mike in the hotel room - IT
When Lawrence Fishburn finds the dead parents in their home - Just Cause (not really a horror movie but still scary as hell)

And other than that I'm drawing a blank. Which ones do you have?
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Well, a Spoiler notice might have been nice....
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Opening scene in Jaws
Dinner scene in Alien
First sight of creatures in The Decent
Door slam scene in TCM...either.
Opening of Dawn of the Dead remake.
Opening scene in Scream...

I'll keep thinking..lol
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Paranormal Activity when
you hear the footsteps while the couple is sleeping and then the door slams shut.

1408 when
John Cusack's character turns around after the shadow across the street stops mimicking him and the ghost appears to be coming at him to hit him.

There are a couple scenes from The Strangers. That movie does a good job of using volume to heighten the level of creepiness.

In Se7en when
the sloth victim really isn't dead and John C. McGinley's character is right in his face.
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pulling back the bedsheets in Martyrs
the little girl in REC
the ceiling crawl in REC 2
the nurse's station attack in The Exorcist III
the cannibal house in The Road
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Obvious spoilers and I don't feel like tagging them all.

Wow, no mention of the blood test scene from The Thing yet. For shame.

The Demon appearing in the mirror in Jacob's Ladder

The ghost appearing in the school, saying "Why are you sitting in my chair?", and jumping at the lead actress in The Eye (03)

Both dream sequences during An American Werewolf In London feature great jump scares. As does the death of the couple.

The alien appearing in the air vents when Dallas is investigating them during Alien.

The hobo thing behind the dumpster in Muholland Drive

The body in the bag moving in Audition

The girl in the closet in The Ring
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Uh...Ben Gardner's boat scene in Jaws.

By, like, a mile.
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Has to be the hallway scene in The Exorcist 3

It always gets me no matter how many times i've seen this film, I always forget about it and it catches me off guard lol
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The specter of THE WOMAN IN BLACK hovering over the hero's bed!
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The "hobo behind the wall" scene in Mulholland Drive.

The "hallway" scene from Exorcist 3 when the nurse comes back out of the room after checking for the source of the strange noise.

The "eeeeeeeeeeeeee" scene in the Woman in Black at the foot of the main character's bed.

That'd be my Top 3.

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Boat scene in Jaws

Nurse station from Exorcist III

"I saw her face." from The Ring

Freezer scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Winkies Diner scene from Mulholland Drive.

Bob behind the dresser, Twin Peaks.
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I haven't seen the Woman In Black, but I've seen some pictures of her. That bitch was so scary that I don't think I even want to watch it.

Some scenes for me:

- the first scarecrow attack in Scarecrows

- also from Scarecrows
when Jack returns to the house as a zombie scarecrow. the night vision goggles really made him scary for me.

- the tent scene in The Sixth Sense

- the closet scene in the Ring

Manhunter when
Lound's burning body rolls into the parking garage
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Old 08-29-2011, 02:51 PM
That scene in TCM 2 always gets me, in the radio station....
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for me, the last time i truly jumped out of my skin was in Jeepers Creepers when Justin Long hits the lights in the basement of the church and you see all the Creepers victims up on the walls. I was NOT expecting that! (and I screamed like a little girl)
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the first time i saw Insidious, when we see the lipstick faced demon appear behind the main guys head the entire theatre screamed. that whole movie is jumpy as hell.
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The Exorcist III: Nurse Station. I've seen this movie plenty of times and that scene still gets me everytime.

Jaws: Ben Gardner's Head pops up to say hello!!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Golden Oldies Record Vault. Leatherface makes his triumphant appearance.

John Carpenter's The Thing: Blood test sequence.

Mullholland Drive: Hobo behind Winkie's Diner

Insidious: Darth Maul demon behind main dude
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Old 09-25-2011, 12:46 PM
First one to always come up is the end of Friday the 13th. First time I saw that, I shit my pants and jumped through the roof.
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Old 11-20-2011, 11:17 PM
Who's seen Waiting for Dark? You'll know what I'm talking about.
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Old 12-28-2011, 05:34 PM
Zeldas scenes from Pet Sematary always creeps me out
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Originally Posted by MadmanMARZ View Post
Zeldas scenes from Pet Sematary always creeps me out

Yep, I hate that creepy bastard!
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The Thing

Blood Test / Norris revival

the two that got me hard the first time I saw the film. Also let's have some of these put into spoiler tags like I did. Maybe do it yourselves or a mod put it up. I'd like to have a choice which ones I want to read about having seen the film and which not get spoiled by having NOT seen the film.
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Good choices so far.

The closet scene in The Ring, although I don't want to count that one because everyone in the theater screamed when it happened and that freaked me out more than the scene itself.

INLAND EMPIRE- not as creepy as Mulholland Dr. but there were a couple of moments that made me physically jump.

Mulholland Dr.- hobo behind the dumpster.

Psycho- shower scene. Yes, that one. I knew it was coming but I didn't time it well. I thought the curtain would open slowly.

Suspiria- I won't mention the specific point, but it was one of those moments in the film's spellbinding final ten minutes.
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*** contains spoilers ***

Originally Posted by MadmanMARZ View Post
Zeldas scenes from Pet Sematary always creeps me out

This should always be up there.

The Exorcist- the girl crawling down the stairs

Aliens- Ripley chestburst nightmare with cat

Shutter- the girl humming in the photolab
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I've got another one from Pet Sematary.

The cat's first appearance after it's death in the basement or garage. I forgot where it was. I almost shit my pants the first time I saw the movie.

Also, while maybe not a jump scene,
the zombified Rachel at the end really freaked me out.
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[REC] and Quarantine - When the fireman falls from the stairwell and lands with a big splat and
when they are in the penthouse and they look in the loft and then the infected child swipes at the camera!
That gets me everytime I watch those horror gems.

The Orphanage - When Tomas's face is revealed and when Benigna Escobeda gets run over and her face post incident.

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-Ben Gardner's head in Jaws
-the "witch" unveiling scene at the end of Suspiria (what I'm sure Brando was referring to)
-the body falling in Re-Cycle
-Friday The 13 (the end)
-Carrie (the ending...which inspired the ending of Friday the 13)
-The Exorcist 3 nurse scene
-The Innkeepers had a few great ones, which I won't spoil

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Nightmare or hallucination, this one wins by a mile!

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Good call on the Innkeepers. The bedroom scene was definitely a great jump moment !!!!

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Romero's Day of the Dead, first scene, Sarah looking at the calender...
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