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Clive Barker's Hellraiser (Boom comics)

Is anyone reading this series?

I picked up the collected book for issues 1-4 to check out the story, also because I was curious as to what Clive wanted to do with Hellraiser. I've stuck with the series through seven issues now, and so far it's just okay. To be honest it's kind of bland. I was hoping this would spark Clive's interest into finishing Hellraiser with the much anticipated Scarlet Gospel's, but to be even more honest I'm not sure Clive's writing much of this series... It's hard to say exactly where this series fits in with the lineage of Hellraiser, it does involve Kirsty Cotton and Pinhead as the main characters, but it really gives no hard indication on if it takes place specifically after any of the films. The series quickly sums up a timeframe of when Kirsty recruited all of her "team" but does so in a way that is very rushed and muddled.

I really wish Clive would have just used his time and thoughts for continuing his Hellraiser in novel form, rather than 30 page monthly issues.
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As a huge fan of both Hellraiser and comic books, I feel bad confessing that I haven't been following this series. The cover art in particular has been off-putting, as vain as that sounds. Surely though it's better than the Archie comic series?

And I can't wait for the Scarlet Gospels. Unfortunately, it does not look as if I, or any other member of this Forum will live long enough to see its release.

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I've only read some of hte older stuff like Night Breed and i've flipped through some Raw Hide Rex (though i can't recall if he is an actual Barker character or not).

Personally i was never a fan of the Cenobites for some reason. I know there is more to the stories then them but i just never got into the comics or Hellraiser movies.

I did really like, i think it was HR 5 or 6 which followed a corrupt cop (who was oddly enough played by the same guy who played Boon in the Night Breed movie) who finds the the puzzle box (damn another name that is escaping me atm) and has his life completely fall apart ove rthe span of a couple of days.

Great flick.
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A few clarifications, just to help you out, vesaker.

1.) Rawhead Rex is a Clive Barker character from his Books of Blood series. There has also been a film based on the short story and a comic (I think there was a comic, anyways...)

2.) Hellraiser Inferno is the flick you're referring to. I honestly never pieced two and two together to realise that the same actor who played Boon in Night Breed was the corrupt cop in that film!

3.) The name of the puzzle box is the Lament Configuration.

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