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A Man Uses Toliet as a revenge Tool

Okay l know this is another thing about toliets but this is amazing on waht this bloke got up too

His female boss had a go at him regarding his workskills
So as a revenge tool he went to the toliet block and filled his bosses water bottle with toliet water

She didnt drink it so maybe it had a odour too it

Anyway this man was charged for his actions
Have any of you ever had run ins with your employer

I have never had problems and get on fine
But l think sometimes our bosses can give you the shits plus maybe staff members could be put into this as well
I know l have had run in with one workmate who was lazy and wouldnt do her job
One thing she did was walk away from her work duties making me do her share

When she came back l was not impressed she went off for 3 hrs know one had a clue where she went

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I think that's pretty funny. And given half the chance, I would do the exact same thing

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Well you have to say it is abit funny

But l would hate someone to do it to me
Just thinking of that water bottle full of toliet water puts a bad taste in my mouth

I would have thought that he could have peed in the bottle at least it would have had proper flavouring and colour in it

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Funny, yet fucked up at the same time. Ya must really fucking hate your boss on a personal level to go to those lengths.
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Well l know that some bosses can be a pain but like you said you wouldnt go this far to make a point

All that happens is that you could land your self in jail or be given a hefty fine

Also future employers would wonder why you left your last job
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