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When he is lining up the wallets and going through them, I teared up. When Ottway gets to his and we finally know that his wife has died, it's just heartbreaking. This man has been through so much and to end it here is tragic. What brings the scene together is the delivery of the live and die on this day speech (again), in it's final delivery you know he's going to fight one hell of a last fight because that's all he can do and he isn't going to welcome death anymore. He is going to stand up one final time.

I found this film to be emotionally taxing. It had a grim overtone and I found the way the characters were handled was really a reflection on life, death, faith, and how far a man will go to stave off his inevitable end. This was a fantastic film worth seeing on the big screen.

I'd give it 9/10. I would have to re-watch it to see if it will continually deserve such a high rating, but for now and on the first viewing I really was involved with the story and performances. I almost hate to say I enjoyed the movie because it's not an enjoyable movie, it's an exceptional movie, but it wasn't fun. It got to me..I'll say that. I hope that makes sense.
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