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Body Parts (1994)

This is hardly going to be the most in-depth thing I’ve ever written, but for a movie like this that’s really not required. As you can tell above, this isn’t the more well known Body Parts from 1991 with Jeff Fahey. Although Troma put out the DVD a few years back, they didn’t originally produce this, but it makes perfect sense for it to be released under the Troma banner, as it fits right in with a good portion of their output.

One night at club Body Parts, someone has murdered the entire staff of strippers, the previous owner, two prostitutes across the street in a cheap motel, and videotaped the whole thing. Detectives Otello (Dick Monda) and Harris (Steven B. McMillan) interview all the obvious suspects, the disgruntled bartender, the new owner, the out of town college student who was with the hooker at the motel AND videotaped his escapades with them. Ultimately though, Otello and Harris remain baffled because every interrogation leads to a dead end. All the suspects are clean. Otello and Harris are at such a loss they even turn a wacky psychic named Jacoby (Clement Von Franckenstein, you think I’m shitting you about that name? Look for yourself: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0902252/) who starts spouting out theories of Egyptian mythology and demonic possession. It isn’t until Otello beings developing a relationship with Marylyn Monroe look-alike Debbie, stripper name Norma Jean (Terri Marlow), who was the only surviving stripper of the massacre that he learns the more than bizarre truth about the murders.

Although Troma’s DVD refers to this a “slasher comedy”, Body Parts is more of a cop comedy/mystery, as the only actual slashings happen in the very beginning of the film. It’s completely over the top and absurd, but it works, which really isn’t a big surprise, as Writer/Director Michal Paul Girard is usually really good when it comes to that type of comedic material. Of course given the material we’re dealing with here, the majority of the humor is of the gross out and low brow variety, but it suits my sense of humor to a tee, so that that as you will. The film does go way off the rails into whatthefuckville towards the end, and the way the truth behind the killings is one of the most ridiculous things every put to film, but I have to applaud Girard for actually taking that route. It’s one of those instances where you’ll site there and go “did that really just happen?” I can honestly say I didn’t see it coming, but with a film this weird I really should have.

Girard sure wrote up some real weird ass characters for this one. Particularly hilarious are the interrogation scenes with the college kid, who seems a bit to excited about his quality time with the hookers, and Debbie, who goes into WAY too much detail when describing the details of her day. You’ll either laugh or gag. Preferably both. She is one gorgeous woman, she pulls off the Marylyn Monroe look, and is never shy about nudity, so that’s a plus. Top cop Otello looks like he was ripped straight out of a 70’s primetime police drama, with a thick moustache in tow, and I got a kick out of the fact that he’s constantly munching on candy cigarettes to try and curb his chain smoking. Then of course there’s Clement Von Franckenstein as Jacoby. His performance is the definition of overacting with his exaggerated accent to the way he practically molests the videotape of the killings to “get a read on them”, but for a film like this he’s perfect. Everybody knew exactly what kind of film they were making. They all seemed to just go with it, just as the audience should. Porn star Sharon Cane makes a brief appearance as a guitar picking stripper. She was the lead in 1990’s Crystal Force. Read my crappy review here: http://www.joblo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144161

I’d like to make a quick note about the music in the film. Girard is well known for doing all the music for his films, and for this one he crafted some pretty authentic sounding 80’s style cock rock tunes for the scenes in the strip club. They sound like they could have been recorded by any one of the innumerable hair bands who were huge back in the 80’s. Speaking of the 80’s, this movie was released in 1994, so I have no idea why Troma refers to it as a “seminal film of the 80’s” on the DVD cover. I guess because the look and feel of the film has an 80’s aesthetic? Who knows.

Michael Paul Girard also directed the cult classics Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars and the comedy Getting Lucky, about a nerdy teenager who discovers a leprechaun in a beer bottle, which you might have seen if you ever watched USA Up All Night in the 90’s. Troma released that on DVD a few years back as well. He also helmed the 7th and 9th entries in the “if your not sick and tired of me bringing them up by now you sure will be after you read this” Witchcraft series. Part 9 was so cheap they spliced in footage from this film in the early moments of it. Body Parts isn’t going to be selected by the National Film Registry any time soon (although it totally should be), but it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and if your in the mood for sleaze with some stabbing thrown in for good measure and absurd humor, it’s the perfect choice to liven up a boring afternoon. Well worth repeated viewings.

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