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Breaking Bad, Season 5

An official start date has yet to be set, but Breaking Bad is slated to return this summer. Vince Gilligan and co. have been in the writing room fleshing out, what is said to be the final season of the series, for the past 3 months. The season shall consist of 16 episodes and it still unclear on whether or not they may be splitting the season in half a la season 6 of The Sopranos. Time will tell...

Also, here's a small casting rumor coming from reddit. Take with the usual grain of salt (Warning: Very minimal potential spoiler):

All other news regarding season 5 will go here. However, any posts regarding previous season, please include spoilers as we'd hate to deter potential new viewers. Thanks again and can't wait to enjoy the ride with you all again this year...

For those who have yet to start watching this amazing series, first of all, what the fuck is the matter with you? And second of all you, you can currently watch the first three seasons on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Also, as usual, here's the link to my wikia, which has so many contributors these days, I can barely manage it. If anyone would like to made an admin thee, send me a message here or there:

P.S. I still might make a soundtrack for season 4, I've just been super lazy.

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