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Human Centipede 2 Blu Ray Audio Problem?

Does anyone else who owns Human Centipede 2 on Blu Ray have a half second delay on the audio? It could just be me but I think I may have an audio delay problem.
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The review for this blu ray at BluRay.com makes no mention of these audio problems...

I have no qualms, though, with the film's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track, which is clean and dynamically solid and appropriately gruesome. The first film only had a stereo mix, but Full Sequence's 5.1 sound design means the grisly sounds of torture can come at you from all directions. And they often do. Most of the last third of the film consists of muffled, face-buried-in-buttocks screaming, potent gun shots, diarrhetic gurgles, and other similarly horrific noises, and you can tell the foley artists had fun with this one. (There's a brief featurette in the bonus features that shows the sound designers at work.) There's no score, per se, but there is a sort of unsettling ambient drone that fills in most scenes. Dialogue--what little of it there is--is always clear and easily understood. The disc includes optional English SDH and Spanish subtitles.
My pops used to have a GE player that had a problem very similar to that, where the audio was always out of sync sometimes by alot, sometimes by just a few frames (I do a lot of editing, so even when audio is off by just 2 frames, it drives me crazy!)
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