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Originally Posted by REALDVDARTIST View Post
I belived you Ruly, lol. studios change dates ALOT. I have mentioned this before. the reason this thread is called UNOFFICAL Dates is because until they street. nothing is set in stone.
That's why Im here. to makle the Unofficial..OFFICIAL. So many customer come into BestBuy looking for films on dvd that (unknown to them) were just release into thearters. I have to give them some kinda date. That is what made me come here in the first place: to quench my thurst for dates and to make sure that other people know what I know.

I believe that 'Journey 2' MIGHT realease on MAY 28 rather than 22nd manly because 'SYFY channels origial film: The Mysterious Island' will release on May 28th. It only seems proper to release both at the same time.

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