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The Official HALO 4 thread.

Release date: "Holiday" 2012

Screen shots:

Model comparison:

Teaser trailer

Making of Halo 4 video - with gameplay

I figure since I was the one who started the Halo 3 and Halo Reach threads, I may as well start the Halo 4 thread. Obviously, I'm a big fan. I can't wait for this. No official date beyond the vague "holiday" date. The last few games came out in September, but that's not really a holiday month. November perhaps?

My only qualm is that they went with the title "Halo 4" - I'd really rather they had called it "Master Chief" as it is the start of a new storyline. Oh well.

Even though it is the first non-Bungie Halo game, I'm confident that 343 will pull off a quality title. There's been little info on the story itself, but they have stated that the multiplayer combat is going to get a big overhaul. It is due for an update, but I hope they don't CoD it up a bunch.
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