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This shit is getting out of control

So if you thought this whole contraception debate was just dumb as it was and couldn't get anymore controlling and misogynistic, here comes Arizona doubling down on just how dumb our American legislative system can go when it sets its mind to it:

Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Whore Pills

A proposed new law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons. And because Arizona's an at-will employment state, that means that bosses critical of their female employees' sex lives could fire them as a result. If we could harness the power of the crappy ideas coming out of the state of Arizona, we could probably power a rocket ship to the moon, where there are no Mexicans or fertile wombs and everyone can be free to be as mean a cranky asshole as they want at all times! Arizona Heaven!

Yesterday, a Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Republican Debbie Lesko's HB2625 by a vote of 6-2, which would allow an employer to request proof that a woman using insurance to buy birth control was being prescribed the birth control for reasons other than not wanting to get pregnant. It's all about freedom, she said, echoing everyone who thinks there's nothing ironic about claiming that a country that's "free" allows people's bosses to dictate what medical care is available to them through insurance. First amendment. The constitution. Rights of religious people to practice the treasured tenets of their faiths, the tenets that dictate that religious people get to tell everyone who is not of faith how they're supposed to live, and the freedom to have that faith enforced by law. FreedomŽ.

Further, Lesko states, with a straight face, that this bill is necessary because "we live in America; we don't live in the Soviet Union."

Ah, yes, the Soviet Union. The sort of place where a woman might think about getting birth control through an insurance plan to which she contributes premiums without having to show her boss her prescription in order to prove that she wasn't using it to not get pregnant. The Soviet Union. A hellscape where women don't run the risk of losing their jobs over their sexual practices. What a horrible, awful place where herds of sluts run wild like feral ponies, humping everything in sight. The nightmare of unwilling motherhood evaded is a constant spectre in The Motherland.

Anyway, this bill probably won't get anywhere; it violates all sorts of privacy laws and I can't imagine that female citizens of Arizona would be in favor of having their rights further legislated away by a chamber of mostly dudes trying to win votes from Team Jerk Version of Jesus. But that doesn't make it any less depressing. In fact, it's almost depressing enough to make a lady consider building a time machine so that she can take it back to 1985 and find some job security in the Soviet Union.
Here's the less snarky article: http://www.statepress.com/2012/03/12...aceptive-bill/

While I absolutely believe this law won't even pass, the very idea that someone would even consider introducing this bill infuriates and astounds with its level of audacity I find it hard to breathe. And its not just Arizona, some asshat in Wisconsion wants single parent homes to legally be considered as a factor in child abuse! And let's not even get into the forced invasive probe now required in Virginia.

I remember a story about how a big name brand that manufactures sanitary napkins (pads) tried to raise the price of their product while reducing the total quantity per package. The women boycott that brand so hard, the changed the price and quantity back to the original.

So I really hope the ladies (and gentlemen) of Wisconsin, Virginia and Arizona makes these assholes feel their wrath and kiss their collective asses!

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Let's put women in control and see what they think about this idea. Seriously. For those of you bitching about the Democrats, please cite to me where any one of them has proposed something half as idiotic as this.
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Problem is two of the places I mentioned, these bills were introduced by women. Older women who already have had their children and families and want to throw stones back at the rest of us after they've enjoyed their freedoms.

And this Debbie Lesko must be beyond fucking retarded if she thinks a woman having to sit in front of some sort of committee pleading her case as to what she needs her birth control for isn't anti-American, or at the very least, straight out of some dystopian sci-fi novel.

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I take some comfort in knowing that people like this are always proven wrong by history.
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We gotta do what we can to keep tramps like Joan from corrupting any naive young secretaries trying to make a name for themselves here at the firm. That woman is nothing but a constantly unfolding scandal.

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Originally Posted by The Postmaster General View Post
We gotta do what we can to keep tramps like Joan from corrupting any naive young secretaries trying to make a name for themselves here at the firm. That woman is nothing but a constantly unfolding scandal.

I said before and I'll say it again: Men love sluts.


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