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Originally posted by m_burlock
When it comes to removing price stickers from DVDs I've found that for me at least that 95% of the time they come off cleanly (not always in one piece but cleanly none the less) leaving no residue behind.

As for other stickers (i.e. ones that tell you of a free bonus trinket or something like that coming with the DVD), I don't remove them. For example, they're like the logo of the vehicle manufacturer on your vehicle, you wouldn't remove that would you?
by a new movie from Hollywood Video, they practically sodder those damn stickers on their dvds, you sometimes almost need a blowtorch to remove the damn things
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Originally posted by sirdizzy
by a new movie from Hollywood Video, they practically sodder those damn stickers on their dvds, you sometimes almost need a blowtorch to remove the damn things
i used to work there, i'm sorry dude, i hate those too
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hehe, arent thoose normaly placed on the plastic?
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Originally posted by #1dvdfan

its just about the same.
thanks for the post.. i dont have the slipcover... time to add it to the list...
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Re: DVD cardboard covers. What's the deal?

Originally posted by JoBlo
Been re-arranging my DVD COLLECTION of late and wondered how you all feel about those CARDBOARD covers that many "special edition" DVDs seem to come with nowadays. Most of them are basically the EXACT same thing as the actual DVD cover (including the back flap), so I wondered:

1) Why do they add these to DVDs anyway?

2) Do you keep them on your DVDs or throw them away?
Good question... and interesting answers...

1) Studios put the sleeves on for a couple of reasons;
-To give a 'collector' feel, as the sleeves are generally printed in limited numbers.
-To offer a new look, from the rest of the 'New Releases' on the shelves. Sleeves tend to stand out better than regular packaging, making it more attractive to buy ( shiney) even if you don't intend to keep them.
-They only act as added security IF the cover is shrink-wrapped. If there is no external shrink-wrap over the collector sleeve, then it is no more 'theft-resistant' than any other DVD. And as that goes, its only another layer to go through to get to the DVD...
-sometimes retailers use these sleeves as a instore marketing tool, helping reduce theft. ( put in displays without DVD's)
-Sometimes they contain extra selling information on flaps ( like some Disney titles)

Disney was the first studio to use this on their Classic Animated titles. This was seen as a way to make them more 'tempting' to collectors. since then, everyone and their dogs are putting sleeves on new DVD's... which in my mind, has lost it's impact.....

2) Why not... They generally look good! Only real problem is they rip / scratch easily.
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What I don't like are these new slip cover's that make you think the movie's a special edition, but inside is a just a regular case that slides out, examples of this are the Scarface platinum edition and the new Rocky DVD, I don't like those one bit.
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i love them! And if there is a movie released and it comes with a slip cover, i will buy it over buying the same flick without a slip cover. No idea why, i just really enjoy them! maybe its cuz it is a lil sumptin extra!
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I was cleaning out my bookmarks today, found this old one.

It's been roughly five and a half years since the thread was started - has opinions changed on the topic of slipcovers?

I'm still trudging along trying to complete my titles which are still missing their covers (and inserts). Recently I had to rebuy "Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition - Widescreen"; last week I went to grab this movie to watch. It slipped my hands, I tired to catch it as it fell. I did it wrong and ripped the foil slipcase in half. I was pissed.

So I rebought it (Ebay). And now will have to rebuy once again. Not mint nor excellent condition - on even close.

- - -

As for that Best Buy advertisement project; it's still going strong. From December 2004 to present (this week). *nods*
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For the first time in I don't know how many years - I'm focusing on rebuilding my DVD (not Blu-Ray) collection, this time keeping the cases (yes the physical DVD case) for my movies. Previously, I had them in 4 huge binders, and would discard/trash the cases they came in (don't ask me why).

I've since decided I'd like to have my DVD's proudly displayed on a shelf at least. So I'm "double-dipping" as it were, or basically re-buying (and first time) buying all the DVD's in my collection again.

Too bad the caseless DVD's are pretty much worthless and unsellable (without said cases).

Anyway, as for the cardboard covers? I don't care about them. Some of them are cool, but I don't like 'em, so I toss 'em (this time keeping the actual case! ).
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I'd like to one day display all my DVDs with slipcovers if possible, even if I sometimes don't like the artwork. I have a great collection of lenticular ones as well. Every time I walk thru the video section at Target or Best Buy, I do a quick scan for covers I'm missing, but since most of them are older titles from before 2009, rarely will I ever find something... Target is the best place to get covers for new releases cuz unlike Best Buy, Target doesn't put a pricetag sticker on the cover. But when I do find one at Best Buy, you better believe I will buy it and scratch or wipe that adhesive crap off as best as I can.
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What I've been doing, not every week mind you, but often enough. I've been going to the swap meet and buying slipcovers/inserts. Along with a few DVDs.

I think I started about three, prehaps two years ago.

Found a few of both. Last month found the insert for the Peter Sellers film, "The Party". Plus I've been buying inserts for DVDs I don't have yet. I know I want them, but when I did purchase them I know it will be missing.

As for title purchases, picked up "The Notorious Bettie Page", "Renaissanice: Paris 2054" (original Miramax DVD, not the Echo Bridge crap) and "Newhart: The Complete First Season" (best deal to date, brand new for $4.00).

Most sellers are accommodating, but there are a few who won't sell separately. I found mini-series, "The 10th Kingdom", but the guy wanted ten bucks for it. I will get that insert eventually.
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