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Help and Recommendations From Gamer Scmoes

Hey friends.

I'm not a gamer, in any of the serious senses of that word. I've played videogames my whole life, but my knowledge and breadth of what I play is fairly limited. I'm competent at Call of Duty/Halo and the like, but don't love them. I like Madden, yes. I'm a basketball player and fan at heart, and I've worn grooves into NBA 2k12.

I was blessed to be given a 360. I play 2k12 and not much else. So my question, therefore, to all you gamer game recommendations. I like the sports ones but there are inherent limits to them.

My taste: I loved Thief: The Dark Project on the PC. I liked that it was stealthy but didn't demand only stealth, and I liked the atmosphere and time period. I don't think I'd get into Mass Effect or Heavy Rain based on my limited (and perhaps inaccurate) impression that it's a lot of watching cutscenes and making choices around that less than playing. I certainly couldn't get into something like World of Warcraft but I'm not totally against RPG elements. I want something immersive, but my job is very demanding and I can't commit to something that requires 2 hour sessions every time. Flexibility is good.

My desires: cool atmosphere and sense of scope (any era or genre), exciting to play but not action-heavy to the point of dullnes like COD, or just anything you love and want to share. It doesn't have to be new or old, popular or unpopular (I'm more than okay with something older and cheaper that's worthwhile). Just share what you love and why. I'd love any help. I walk into Gamestop and get so overwhelmed.

And I realize all of this screams that I don't know what I'm talking about. That's why I'm asking you cool cats! Thanks.
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