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A Rant on myself

Short rant.

I really hate it when I am stupid (no need to agree with me that I am stupid people) and keep watching all these trailers and clips of movies I really want to see. I need to stop.

I just saw the new trailer of The Dictator and it is pure gold. Now, I know most of the plot and many of the funny scenes. Why the fuck did I do that? I want to go in fresh and be surprised and laugh. Now it will be less funny, because I have seen it. I need to avoid watching anything on this and many other movies. I hate myself today for watching the trailer.
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My friend, if you hate yourself just because you saw a trailer .. your life is great.

I can't stop myself either. Prometheus is a movie I want to walk into as blindly as possible but it's so hard with the tempting teasers and clips and trailers and shit that when put all together and analised is like watching the whole movie pretty much. UGH. I try to stay away but it's hard.
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trailers are like drugs for me. i love them. I got over hating myself. I am now just disappointed.

I did remove it from my twitter acct as well. SBC is awesome! His wife is so hot too.
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He's not bad. Can't wait to see what he does in the Tarantino movie! That shouold be interesting a?

Hot wife you say? I shall Google that.

But to be honest, The Dictator looks like crap :/
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isla fisher from wedding crashers
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OH niiice, she's really cute. I loved her in Wedding Crashers.

I give them a few years.
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WOW! Very negative. They have a kid now. Not that it matters. I hope they stay together forever. Hopeless romantic
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It's the way the cookie crumbles in Hollywood my friend.

I love how she says "I missed you guys so much!! It was the best day ever!!! Sasha and I wanted to be just us, no fuss"



She's still cute though.
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Well you are not the only one who likes to look at trailers even if some are stupid

I was looking at the new film John carter not that long ago
it looked good on the preveiws but when l asked a freind what she thought of it she said it was silly and all over the place
I chose not to see it because also l looked on this forum and most members were giving it bad reveiews

Sometimes when they bring out trailers they only have the good parts in them too and when you see the film it is bullshit

I also like to watch the trailers on dvds but when my freinds are there they skip though them

I wanted to look but they didnt

That was not fair in my eyes

Anyway l have never heard of that film Dictator we proberly wont get to look at it for a while since many a time Australia is the last to get things
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I confess i am addicted to checking every freaking new Avengers trailer coming out ..... i really really want this movie to rock my "superhero movie fan" socks off. Too much expectation maybe.

We're all stupid , live with it. Some time beats all the time.

And Bondgirl , i liked your J.Garner pix better.
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Well l watched the new trailer of Battleship and it looks good

But like l said these clips can look good on a preveiw but can be terrlible to watch in full

Oh Dirty frog you dont like my current avatar

Well l have to agree that the J garner avatar did look good

I remember when l jioned this forum l started off with a J garner avatar but switched when l found out that this site has a arange of avatars to choose from
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