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Arnold Schwarzenegger says He Will Be Back


Ah it is all because of what Sam Worthington and Christinn Bale staring in Termanator Salvation and Arnie thinks that they didnt do a good job

I have to say it could have been better made but we learn from our mistakes since Arnie has come into this

his films are so action packed and to have him go away because of other commitments was sad but he says he is considering coming back and hopefully staring in a new termanator if they want him too

Like l said he thought the last one by Sam Worthington was crap

I hope he does come back and show us how it should be done

Plus l hope he packs on abit of muscle
Oh he looked good when he was younger with all that muscle

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Not necessary IMO. Schwarzenegger is not vital to the success of the Terminator franchise. I quite enjoyed Terminator: Salvation honestly. If it wasn't re-written to appease Bale, and not given a PG-13 rating, it definitely could've been better.

But having said that, I don't think Arnold absolutely NEEDS to be in another one. If he were, I'd probably still see it.... But he comes off as a bit fuckin' full of himself in that small article you posted there, BG.

I think he seemed to "missed the boat" when it came to having a political career!
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Yea because Terminator 3 was so friggin great.

I liked Salvation and I could care less if Arnie comes back or not at this point. The series is pretty much done and if anyone does pick up a T5 movie it will end up being shit at this point. The only way this could be a good movie would be to bring back James Cameron to direct, Michael Biehn, and Bill Paxton.
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Well l know it is a small actile which was dated around Apirl and if he has those scripts put into his had he might have a try at it

I think he is also thinking about filmig a another twins sequel too

But l would prefer him to go into the action area when he started to wander over to comedy it didnt suit him

Jaw if he is really thinking about it l know it is only talk he must be considering returning

I thought Arnold also gave up having a political career
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Well l hope he comes back tot he screen and shows alot of the young actors who are coming out how to act

Since the 90's we have had no good male actor to follow who would always have you on the edge of your seat

Young male actors these days are so weak in there acting skills

You need a mature actor like Arnie to come back and show them the skills they should ahve
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
I thought Arnold also gave up having a political career
He did. He's a failure politically, IMO. But yeah he should definitely stick to the action flicks. The man is so NOT funny. At all. Ever. Couldn't agree MORE with you there.
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Forget doing another Terminator - the man's got Triplets on the way. Which, after its immediate success, will finally get sequels to Kindergarten Cop, Junior, and Jingle All the Way greenlit.

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Well l dont mind danny Devitos acting but when they starred together Arnie looked stupid as he side kick

What does IMO mean Jaw
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Well to stay rich and feed his family he needs to work and if acting is what he does best he should do it

I just want him to show others who cant act how to act alot of young male actors need a good role model and he is it

But l dont want them to follow him in having affairs with women
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Now I love Arnold... I grew up with him, I own almost all of his flicks. I even enjoyed Twins, Junior, and Kindergarten Cop... Jingle All the Way not so much.

But you cannot be serious when you are talking about what a great actor he is... He was more about the look in some great scripts...
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Most people just don't understand that the Terminator films are John Connor's story of survival first and foremost.
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
What does IMO mean Jaw
It means "in my opinion".
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I've no more interest in these films. I liked the first two, and the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into making them. The films since have no passion or skilled craftsmanship, its all about money, and I predict this will also be true of any future ones.
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i liked the 3rd part because it was kind of independent. but the 4th one was aweful - i guess the other two will be just as bad. anyway arnie is too old for the terminator part!!

see u in Brawl Busters

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I'd like to see an end to the overall story, an end to the Man vs. Machines war that's been referred to all series long, and we finally see it in Terminator: Salvation. I'd like to see John Connor get some closure as far as his character, the terminators, and the war are concerned. There was closure when T2 wrapped up, but they came back with two more sequels and started everything up again.

I don't care if Arnold comes back, though it would be cool. But the story needs to come to an end.
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