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The Bikie War In Australia

geez we have had a mass of shooting around the country of Australia involving Bikies

At the momment police have decided to stop bikies from wearing jackets that state there gang name

I think it is terrible that Australia is going through this but you have to stop these people killing one another

I cant beleive how big this is getting in Aus

But ordanary people have to be safe and not shot at

Australia never used to be this bad but it is becoming a sight to see

I know in my hometown we have bikies coming in because we are near the coast and the roar of there bikes makes our quiet town come to life
But we have never had problems yet

Now Lawyers are getting into the act defending the bikies saying the police are taking a media look at this but we need to know also what we are up against

What do you think of this
How would you handle things if you had a load of bikies heading into your town and shooting all over the place wouldnt you want it stopped

Also have you come across incidents in america where bikies are out of control

There is even a bikie site

It shows why there is so much voliece against other bikies

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