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Battlefield 3 (question)

Ok. First up, I have both heard and read wonderful things about this game, and it's online component. Infact, I have been told to my face that it's the duck's nuts for this genre of game. Being that as it may or may not, for the first time last week, I got to play it online on my friend's 360 at his joint. Two things were new to me. The fact that I've never played a 360 before. And also the fact that I played Battlefield 3 for the very first time. It was a blast...literally.

To the crux of my topic.

My friend is driving me insane (literally) with the prospect that I should purchase a 360 bundle just so I can play with him and his team of elite's (right) online. He does not own a PS3. Nobody's perfect I guess. HAHAHA. But in all seriousness, I have a very valid and much needed question answered in this regard.

Which version of Battlefield 3 online is the best, PS3, or the 360?

I have learned that the 360 version has far superior online dedicated game servers. And it is the least glitchy of the two versions. But for me to fork out a wad of cash for this setup, I must know the facts first up. I don't want theories, opinions, or assumptions. Just the cold hard facts please. Of course, information is available on the net, but I thought I would ask you all here what you know about this.

Any and all help regarding my dilemma is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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